Monday, February 4, 2019

Once Upon a Djinn Sale

Hey, Folks.

All this week, the Once Upon a Djinn books are on sale.  You can get all four books for under $7.  Or if you've already read some, or don't want to foot the bill for the whole series, here's how they break down (in series order):

Wish in One Hand - 99c
In Deep Wish - $1.99
Up Wish Creek - $1.99
Wish Hits the Fan - $1.99

That's more than half off the regular ebook list prices.  We won't go into how much less that is than the print versions.  Hooee.

Anyway, they're a boatload of fun to read if the reviews are anything to go by.  I know I enjoyed writing them.



  1. They ARE a boatload of fun! I love all the characters, the action, the suspense, and the magic! Awesome world-building too. Yup. Fangirl here! :D I hope you sell a boatload of them!

  2. I love this series! I hope a thousand new readers discover these books this week! :-)