Before anyone who lives in these lands was born, the Great Lady created the Shrouds to protect her children.  Now, the Lady sleeps.  And while she sleeps, the Shrouds decay, releasing evils into the world.  Our only hope lies with the mages.

Aryl never wanted to be a mage.  When the King's envoy appeared seeking those the Lady bestowed with gifts, he would've rather stayed on the farm.  Too bad for Aryl, his skills are needed to defend his homeland.  Thrust into the Academy to train for battle, he longs only for the life and the twin he left behind.  

But neither his magic nor the twinning can be denied.  With his sister beside him, he will learn to use his gifts to defeat the horrors issuing from the Shrouds.  Too soon, they will tear themselves away from training and join the fight.  Faced with visions of destruction, they venture forth with a small band of their fellow students.  But they might soon discover their meager skills are not sufficient to save their home, let alone enough to protect the Shroudlands.   

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