Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Technical Difficulties

I was all prepared to post about the sale I'm having for the Serial Crimes Investigation Unit series, but in getting ready for the hoopla, I noticed something's not quite right.  Currently, Amazon is showing Dying Embers at $0.00. 


Good thing I check prior to actually marketing.  Fertile Ground and Early Grave are showing correct at $1.99 each, which is good, but the flagship of the series is Dying Embers.  Can't market the whole series if the first book is wrong.  And right now, I'm not sure if someone one-clicking the book will get it free or wind up paying 99c when they thought it was free.  Either way, it's a pretty bad way to have a sale. 

I've contacted Amazon.  So far, they've been pretty good about getting things fixed when I've contacted them.  Hopefully today's error will be fixed quickly, so I don't lose too many marketing days.

I assume everything is okay on the UK site.  They won't show me pricing there because it's not my country.  Which is weird because I can see pricing on the sites for other countries.  :shrug:  If you happen to be able to see pricing in the UK and see it as free, let me know. 

Ah, life and it's occasional technical difficulties. 

Anyway, if you've already read DE, pick up a copy of Fertile Ground and/or Early Grave at $2 off.  I can tell by the way page reads go that they're real page-turners.  (I always thought so, but it's nice to have it confirmed by other people.)


  1. Amazon has been weird lately. They didn't pay me this pay period! They're investigating it now, but I'll have to follow up because it's been 2 days since we spoke sign of my deposit. Things have been odd there since the KDP Print/CS transition. Good luck with your own glitch!

    1. GAH! That's horrible. Way worse than my glitch. Good luck and all fingers crossed they pay you soon. :hugs:

  2. I'm getting to the point that I feel the same way about the Big Z as I do FB. Grrrr. I hope everyone's glitches get fixed ASAP!

    My sales and page reads at the Z have tanked. I'll be taking at least my MC series out of KU and going wide with them as soon as the current KU cycle ends. That means I have to get off my arse, get them all updated, and ready to go. I'm gonna get right on that. In a bit...