Friday, April 26, 2019

A Nothing Update

Sorry I missed posting Wednesday, but I had nothing.  And I'd hoped to be able to talk about something today, but it didn't happen.

What I had hoped for was to have this phase of the editing done before today.  Ummm... Yah.  I am like 89% of the way through the manuscript, which is more progress than I've made in weeks... errr, months... but not quite where I wanted to be. 

On the upside, this manuscript isn't nearly as terrible as I'd feared.  There's a bunch to do, but nothing insurmountable. 

I should have the last bits of this part done today or by the end of the weekend at the latest.  Then I'll have to input those edits.  Then I'll do another read through and make more notes, input those, etc.  Then I'll probably have to set it aside until I've amassed enough scratch to pay my editor. 

The hope is that while I'm setting this aside, I'll be able to write the next book.  And that once I have editing funds available, I'll be able to shoot both books through the system, so they can release within a month of each other.  But you know what they say... wish in one hand...

Anyway, I have my fingers crossed, but I can't give anyone any firm dates about anything at this time. 

Sorry I didn't have anything better to give you as far as an update goes. 

What have you got going on in your lives?

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  1. Mine is about the same of yours. Writing in fits and starts. Very SMALL fits and starts. I did have a long talk with my HQ editor this week. Mostly about personal stuff, a little about the book. It's nice that we're friends and he wants to do something special with Only and me in NYC this summer. :)

    Little Cat is feeling better but she's gotten so freaking clingy! I blame my not writing on her being in my lap for hours, making it so I can't really type bcause I have short arms and my keyboard drawer rests on my thighs and with her in residency, there's no room. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. :-P

    I'll save the reading stuffs for tomorrow. So that means, I'm done. Later, tater.