Friday, April 19, 2019

Mid-Sale Update

Well, the sale is rolling along nicely.  Way better than the last two sales because I actually advertised this time.  And by the end of the day yesterday, I cleared the cost of the ad.  Yay.

But it's actually kind of sad when making more than $15 on a sale is a Yay moment.  I mean, you have to celebrate the little victories.  But when you have to woohoo the small stuff because there are no big victories, it's sad.

Anyway, this morning's marketing copy for FB is all about reaching #48 in Hard-boiled Mystery.  Breaking the Top 100 in any genre is cause for a bit of Woohoo.  This is the image I made using the cover art and a screen capture of this morning's Amazon rankings:
Which was reached by selling 27 copies of AD yesterday.  (Also sold one copy of Natural Causes at full price, which was cool.)

We'll see if I sell any books today.  I did get a couple page reads last night, so there's that to look forward to.

I made a new little graph in my sales spreadsheet to show month by month sales.  It's pretty. 
So, as of now, April is looking to be my 2nd best month so far this year.  Sell another 17 books and it'll be my best month of 2019.  Yay.

Next month is still up in the air.  Whittling out enough money for advertising should be fun.  We'll see how that goes.  I'd like to lay some bigger money down so I can get bigger sales.  I dream of being able to afford advertising at one of the big venues.  Someday.

Meanwhile, this is good. 


  1. Yay for uptick on sales! That's awesome blossome!!! You've had more sales than me this month so congrats! Come the end of May, I'm taking all my Nightrider books off Kindle Unlimited and taking them wide. My page reads suck. If I weren't already going wide with "compendium" books in Moonstruck, I'd take them off too, probably. As it is, I can leave the original novellas/books on KU and by adding in extra material, I can put them out grouped into a "new" book under the Moonstruck Genesis series label. Crossing fingers you have the best month yet! With more to come in following months!!!!

    1. Thanks! Pretty much all the credit goes to the ad and the sale, though. Without it, I've only sold 8 books this month. Good luck with taking the books wide! Yeah, page reads are down severely this month but they're better than last month, for whatever that's worth. Six of those eight I sold were page reads.

      I should probably do a compendium of the Djinn books, but I have nothing new to add to them.

      Thanks! I hope the rest of this month picks up for you and that you have an awesome rest of the year!