Friday, November 2, 2018


So, I finally got off my dead ass and created some new marketing materials.  (Considering my last materials were missing three books, it was about time, doncha think?) 

Since twelve books don't quite fit on a bookmark - unless the graphics are really small - I went with postcards this time. 

Simple stuff, really.  Well, creating the graphics is kind of a pain in the buns, but I'm used to it.  Ordering them is easy once you have the graphics in place. 

I use Overnight Prints.  I used to use Vistaprint, but after a particularly irritating glitch there, I tried OP and found their postcards to be of a better quality stock.  I get 25 4x6" postcards for $18.80 out the door.  With about a two week turnaround.  (If I want them quicker, I pay extra for shipping, but I hate having to do that.) 

OP also can do bookmarks.  Which is awesome.

They aren't perfect.  The last postcard order I placed, I ordered 50 and they sent me 500.  Lucky for me, it was the Once Upon a Djinn series postcard, which isn't going to change, because it'll take me eons to pass out 500 postcards.  Also lucky is that they didn't try to charge me for their gaff.

But if you're going to screw up, better to screw up to the benefit of the customer, eh?

Anyway, these should be here on or around the12th, I think.  If I already have your snail mail address, expect to get one.  If I don't and you want one, shoot me an email with your addy and I'll pop one out to you. 

If you're interested in doing these yourself, I can probably help you with that.  Depends on the amount of work involved and whether we're close.  If we're close, I'll be happy to help.  If we're not, maybe we can work out a payment arrangement thing.  While I can usually make time for my friends and loved ones, I can't afford to work for free for people I don't know, ya know?


  1. *sigh* I need to update bookmarks and postcards. I'll add it to my list of things I'll get round to one of these days. I'll have to give OP a look-see. I can't remember if I've checked them out or not. Thanks for the link and recommendation.

    1. Bingo. Which is why mine were three books out of date.

      You're welcome. I hope they come in handy.