Monday, November 5, 2018


It's that time again in editing when I'm torn between loving the hell out of this book and wanting to print it all off just so I can send it through the shredder.

"Man, this is awesome."

"Gah, this book is total drek.  Why did I ever think I could write?"

So, what am I doing about it? 

Motoring along.  I know it's not total drek.  I also know it's not totally awesome.  Not yet.  And the only way to get it there is to keep working on these edits.  Once I get them done, it will be closer to awesome.  Then my AWE will mark it up again and send it back so I can get it as close to awesome as I can get it. 

Which, at the rate I'm going, will not be this month.  Sorry about that.  I'm still shooting for 'before the end of the year', though.  I think I can hit that.  Just in time for Christmas?  Give the readers a prezzie. Or something.

Such is the life of a self-pub writer.  On the bright side, it won't be a year from finished to pubbed.

Also on the bright side, amidst the pink spurts of edit suggestions my AWE is leaving loads of "LOVE IT!" notes as well.  So I got that going for me.

And on a happy, ego-stroking note, my one face-to-face fan was super excited to get a copy of Sleeping Ugly and told me she needs to reread Project Hermes again because she loved it so much.  Sometimes I stop in to see her just to get a much-needed boost.  (Under the guise of needing feed for the deer.  "No, no, Hubs, it's no trouble to pick up feed today.  Happy to do it.")

Anyway, the torn part will pass.  It happens every book.  As Unequal gets closer to publication-ready, my mood will shift and I'll stop wanting to trash the whole thing.  So, I'll keep moving forward.


  1. Sounds like you've already had some great feedback on it!

    1. My editor likes to leave little encouraging notes along the way, and I can trust she's not just blowing smoke. Because she lets me have it with stuff she doesn't like, too. ;o)

  2. AWE is made of awesome. So is your writing. Getting there can be really ugly. Trust me. I know! LOL

    And yeah, that whole, "Before the end of the year" litany is my new theme song. And on that note, time to get off my arse and get new words. Or fix old words. Or something writerly. I have nothing left with which to procrastinate.

    Cheers to many pages edited today!!!!

  3. Because I do LOVE IT! Keep plugging away - I trust your revisions will make it even better than it already is.

  4. IT DOES NOT BELONG IN THE SHREDDER! I love your work!

    Keep plugging along. One page at a time -- one WORD at a time -- it all adds up.