Monday, November 19, 2018

Not Giving Up

Okay, so you may have noticed an increased number of book discounts around here lately.  I've had Kindle Countdown Deals for Project Hermes, Sleeping Ugly, and Blink of an I

This is because I'm trying to be more active out there.  I'm trying to encourage readers to buy my books. 

Thus far, it hasn't worked out so well. 

But then again, I haven't paid for much advertising.

Today starts the KCD for Accidental Death.  I did pay for advertising this time.  We'll see how that goes when the ad comes out on Wednesday.  I'd like to at least sell enough books to pay for the ad, but if it only serves to have some of my rankings boost up a little, that'd be great. 

I'm not giving up.  Sometimes, I'd like to.  Not give up writing, but give up with these blasted sales and the marketing and... Well, that's just stupid.  Marketing's part of the biz and I knew that when I took it on. 

I just wish I was better at it.  Or rich enough to hire someone to do it for me. 

So, anyway, if you haven't read Accidental Death yet, now might be a good time to pick up a copy.  And while you're at it, grab Natural Causes, too.  It's only $2.99.  So, you get both Dennis Haggarty books for under $4. 

See?  Not giving up. 


  1. You're doing all the right things. Hope the KCD goes well! I picked up a copy. :)

  2. I wish I could snag these sales to help boost but I always buy your books when they first come out. Wouldn't do it any other way. ;) Crossing fingers that you get a big boost!

    1. I know you'd help if you could. And thank you. :hugs: