Wednesday, October 31, 2018


I am making progress on my edits.  Slow progress, but hey, it's progress. 

The sale is over.  Sleeping Ugly is back to $2.99.

I was thinking about something this morning.  I saw a book posted on FB with thousands of reviews and I was immediately suspicious.  It was an author I'd never heard of and a book I'd never seen before.  Thousands of reviews?  Umm, right.  Which is kind of sad.  Those could be perfectly legitimate reviews.  Then again, they could be hinky.  These days, you can't tell, though.  =o(

The other day, I took a paperback copy of Sleeping Ugly into the bank to show a friend of mine.  One of the other gals said 'Ooo, she looks mean', which immediately made me wonder if the mean look of Jeni is turning people off of what is actually a fun book.  I told the gal "She's not mean.  She's pissed because she's a model who's cursed to turn ugly every night.'  But I can't be out there to tell everyone why Jeni looks so mean. 

Over at the smoke shop, I gave a copy of Dying Embers to the manager.  I'd never given her a book before - oversight on my part.  I signed it with some lame comment thanking her for keeping me supplied with nicotine.  She laughed, so I guess it wasn't that lame.  Anyway, the new guy was working the cash register.  He looked seriously irritated I didn't give him a book, too.  I told him 'I don't know you well enough to give you a book yet' and flashed him my winning smile.  Not sure that helped.  The last time I talked to the dude, though, he said he only reads fantasy.  Big fan of RA Salvatore.  Can't help him there.  Fantasy is one of the few genres I don't write.  And hardcore fantasy readers don't do urban fantasy, I guess.  :shrug:

I really need to put together some new marketing materials.  I don't have any that show my last three books.  Derp.  I also have a huge amount of old, out of date, marketing materials lying around.  My spare room is like a defunct bookmark repository.  Ugh.

That's about it for me this morning.  Got anything to add?  Comments to make?  Talk to me.

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  1. Next time, ask the dude if he's ever tried urban fantasy and then suggest the djinn books. Jeni does look pissed. I'd never noticed before. LOL And yeah, THOUSANDS of reviews and it's not a big name author? Totally suspicious.

    NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. Okay, tonight at midnight but I'm not staying up for it. I have to get this damn rewrite done today so I can start November with a clean slate. We'll see if that happens. I also have to make a grocery run. And it's trick-r-treat night. There are years I just want to leave the porch light off but we have a few kids in the neighborhood so we do it for them.

    And it's almost noon. Time to get off my fat arse and get stuff done.