Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Facebook Groups for Marketing & Finding Books

Okay, so I may have done this before.  I don't remember.  But here's a list of the Facebook Groups I've found and joined that you can use for marketing or just to find interesting books to read:

Amazon Kindle Goodreads - all genres
Indie Authors International - all genres
eBook World** - all genres

Self-Published Crime Fiction Writers - mystery, crime, thriller
Crime,Thriller, Mystery Readers' Café - mystery, crime, thriller
Kindle Unlimited - all genres in the Kindle Unlimited program
Thriller Mystery Suspense Book Club - mystery, crime, thriller
Thrillers Killers & Suspense - mystery, crime, thriller
Kindle/ Book Club - all genres
Mystery & Thriller Publicity Book Club - mystery, crime, thriller
Free Kindle Books - all genres as long as the book is free

* special – see requirements before posting.
** has to be approved before they’ll let the ad post

Read the pinned posts before you join the group to make sure it's a group you really want to be in and then follow their guidelines before you post ads to them.  Most of them don't want you to post more than once a day, which is only right.  Otherwise, it's spammy and no one wants that.  

I've had some minor successes here and there with these groups.  Can't hurt, right?  

Oh, and be prepared for your newsfeed to blow up with book ads and recommendations.  If you're like me, they'll be both annoying and exciting.  I mean, 'gah, so many book posts' and 'hey, previously unheard of books to read!' 

Good luck.


  1. I don't make the time to post in the groups I already belong to. I REALLY need a VA. **SIGH** I'm envious.

    1. I hear ya. And sometimes I just can't muster the will to put in all that work without knowing whether I'll get a single sale from any of it. Don't be envious. My blast to a lot of those groups yesterday garnered me 0 sales. Zilch-o-rama.

      Yeah, we both need a VA. First, we need to win the lottery, though. ;o)