Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Decisions, Decisions

Okay, so it's now October and this book that I should've finished writing in June is giving me fits.  And I've got a decision I need to make pretty soon.

Do I keep plugging ahead with a book that obviously does not want to be written right now or do I set it aside and work on something else?

Which leads to a secondary question: Do I 1) use the spot I have with my cover artist for UatB anyway and hope I have something to publish early next year, 2) use the spot I have with my cover artist to let her do Unequal, or 3) do I let the spot slide?

Neither decision is an easy one.  I so don't want to disappoint readers who are expecting a sequel to Sleeping Ugly sooner rather than later.  Then again, I so don't want to disappoint readers by throwing out a piece of crap (which is what UatB is shaping up to be at the moment).  And I definitely don't want to lose my spot with my cover artist who has become highly sought after and therefore super busy.  I have another scheduled spot with her in February, but that's a long way off and what if UatB breaks free...  Argh.

But I'm also not inclined to spend money on something I don't need at the moment. 

Now, I'm not asking you to answer these questions for me.  I'm just throwing them out there to maybe help me make a decision.  Because sometimes writing stuff here does that.  And, you know, it's out here in case anyone else is in a similar quandary and is looking for a sense that they're not alone.  That sort of thing.

Of course, it doesn't help that SU is not the overnight sensation I'd hoped it would be which makes it harder for me to justify all this effort and expense on a sequel.  Blerg.  But having sequels helps sell the first book... or something...

Ah the life of a writer.  It's fun!  Yeah, yeah... fun... that's the ticket.

What are you having fun with right now?  Facing any big decisions? 


  1. Writing is all about the fun. ... ... Not. I have four project. One was supposed to be published on Halloween. Not happening. Two were supposed to be published before the end of the year or early next year. One of those hasn't even been started. The fourth is due in two days and every time I open it, I hyperventilate. This is a hard deadline and I have to suck it up and get it done or else. So yeah...

    Anyway, you'll figure it out. No advice from me because I'd be in the same quandry as you. Luckily, I have an "on-demand" cover artist.

    Okay. I really need to stop stalling. *HUGE MASSIVE SIGH* Later, tater.

    1. :HUGS: I'm sorry your books are giving you fits. I wish I could help somehow. I hope your hit your deadline without too much more headache.

      Yeah, I'll figure it out. Eventually. Lucky for me, all my deadlines are self-imposed for the most part. And I'll have Unequal's edits to occupy my neuroses after the 15th. I did start a new book a couple days ago. Got the beginning done. Now I have to figure out the rest. LOL