Friday, October 26, 2018

Check, Check, and Recheck

For as much as I rail about proofreading your marketing copy BEFORE you send it out into the world, I screwed up this morning and posted copy that had a glaring error.  Good thing for me I noticed it.  Better thing is that FB allows you to edit posts.  So, the glaring error was only visible on three groups for about 20 minutes.

Somehow, I typed the same two words twice in a row.  Brainfart.  It's not fatal, but it's certainly unprofessional.

Unfortunately, there's a gal out there who has her title misspelled in her marketing copy and she's posting it all over FB.  I cringe every time I see it.  Lucky for her, it's spelled right on her cover art.  :shudder:

We all make mistakes.  And I am apparently not immune.  Most of the time, mistakes can be rectified.  If you catch them.  Which is why all of us should check, check, and recheck our marketing materials.  Before it goes up.  And after it goes up.  And later when our brains are distracted enough to actually see what we've written.

I was reading the paper yesterday.  There's a big ad for a Halloween party at one of the local organizations.  And there will be a COTUME contest.  Seriously.  Who let that go through?  And how many people along the marketing line should be thrashed for letting that go out to the readership of the paper?  Several people at the organization.  Several people at the newspaper.  It's too late to fix it once the papers have been delivered, doncha know.  Blerg.

Every time I receive hardcopies of my books, Hubs jokes "Well, at least they spelled your name right."  Which is funny because I'm the one who makes sure that happens.  Even funnier when you know my cover artist typoed my last name in an early draft of the cover.  I caught it, pointed it out, and we all laughed.  The important part was it got caught and fixed BEFORE it went out.

I screw stuff up all the time.  It happens.  The important part is to fix it before the world sees it.  Or as soon as I can when I find it.

Check, check, and recheck. 

Oh, and here's the marketing copy I'm using this morning to try and find sales on FB:

On sale now! 99c/99p

What would you do if you woke up cursed and ugly? If you're model Jeni Braxxon, you freak out. And then you try to find out what the hell happened, who did this to you, and why anyone would want to ruin your life. Which would all be less of a pain if you weren't suddenly a suspect in your asshole brother's disappearance.

Sleeping Ugly - the fun and snarky tale of a woman trying to get her life back to normal. If normal can ever be achieved for her again.


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  1. Pet peeve: Typos in news copy put on websites and phone apps. These people purport to be JOURNALISTS. They WRITE FOR A LIVING! And have college degrees!!!!! *deep breathes*

    Okay. Yes. I make booboos too and have to backtrack to fix them. Drives me notes. And here's hoping for big sales!!!