Monday, August 3, 2020

August Novel Writing Month

AugNoWriMo... it's a thing. Okay, it's not a thing for pretty much anyone but me.  But hey, any month can be a novel writing month if you make it one.  I did a HoHoWriMo in December once, because my November was busy and I still wanted to do the whole 'write 50K words in a month' thing.

So, anyway, AugNoWriMo.  It's a thing for me.  The plan is to write every day.  That's it.  No set word counts.  Just write as much as I can every day this month.  The hope is to write at least 1000 words a day, but if I don't, I'm not kicking myself.

If I can do this, I should have Cinder Ugly done all the way to THE END well before the month slides into September.  Once I get that written, I will pick something else to work on writing.  Or I'll switch to editing every day so I can get CU in reader's hands.  We'll see how I feel about things when CU has a whole first draft.

Gah, I had hoped to have CU first drafted by the end of May.  I hoped it have it in your hands by now.  But enough about that.  What wasn't done, wasn't done.  Wallowing in that won't help me move forward.

To the end of moving forward, I've added 3636 words to CU since Friday night. 

Yeah, I started early.  AugNoWriMo doesn't judge.  And there's no such thing as cheating.  I write every day, I win.  Only get 10 words out one day, cool.  As long as I move forward.

And no editing.  I'm not asking myself to make sure they're good words.  I know I wrote some crap in there.  I'll have some major work to do in editing.  At least they're words to edit.  As some famous writer - I think it was Nora Roberts - said, 'you can't edit a blank page'.  Write crap.  Crap is fixable.  Blank is fixable, too - fill the blank up with words.

Yesterday, it was hard.  I realized sometime mid-afternoon that my two favorite shows were going to be on during my usual writing time.  So, I sat my ass down right then and I wrote.  It wasn't good, but it was writing and just over 800 words worth of it, so I win.   This month, I also have Owl's birthday and her departure back to Michigan to work around.  I will set aside time each day to write, even on those days when my brain has to work on other stuff.  I may have pay job stuff to do.  And there's still 'rona stuff to contend with.  Excuses, excuses... and I won't let any of that stop me.  Write.  Every day.

Speaking of pay job stuff, I just realized I have a spreadsheet to do, so I'd better get doing. 

If you're inclined to join me for AugNoWriMo, go for it.  Feel free to drop a line in comments and then drop several more throughout the month to let me know how you're progressing. 


  1. No offense, but I'm calling my endeavor AuGoWriMo because when I see that "No" in the middle, my brain sort of fritzes, which is weird because NaNoWriMo doesn't short circuit my gumption. Anyway, I love your idea and as mentioned, mine is called August GO Write Month. AuGoWriMo. And I've gotten new words written. about 2K worth so yayay! I'm shooting for 1K a day which means I'll hit my word goal for NIGH WISH by the end of the month. Hopefully, BEFORE the end so I can get it edited and out. Then I have to write the February release that's due in November. Gah.

    Okay. So Owl is headed back north for school? They're opening her campus? That's a yay, I'm guessing?

    New week. New adventures. New words. Nice weather. We got this! 🥰

  2. Almost 2400 new words today--a completed chapter and ideas for the next. Too bad a headache is intervening. Tomorrow. Another chapter tomorrow if I'm lucky! Thanks for the nudge. 😃

  3. Yay for new words!

    Early happy birthday and happy travels to the Owl!

    I went to Mom's to fix her printer (operator error; she just can't follow written instructions anymore), and while I was sitting there, she started chopping on my hair. Eeeeek! It's not toooo awful, just a bit short, but I wish she'd listen when I say NO THANK YOU.