Friday, July 3, 2020

Surprise! Freebie Alert!

Umm, yeah, it was unexpected by everyone, including me, but PROJECT HERMES is on sale now through the 7th worldwide.  
PROJECT HERMES is free worldwide 7/3-7/7. (Always free with Kindle Unlimited.)
The highest levels of government believe Project Hermes is the best solution to the immigration problem. Except their simple plan to microchip people might be deadly. Now, Agent Miranda Kruz has to figure out why Project Hermes is killing people and who’s behind it. Finding the madmen will be hard enough. Stopping them might be impossible.
#suspense #political #medical #thriller #conspiracytheory #free #ebook


  1.'d that happen? Sharing and I'll email the graphic I made for you. It's Twitter size but will probably work for FB too. If not, I can make you a FB size easy peasy! Hope you give lots away and it gets others to check out your backlist! 🤞 Have a great Friday!

  2. Hmm. An odd surprise. But I hope it brings you lots of sales and reads across your titles!