Monday, March 2, 2020

More Updates and Random Stuff

Since I'm more than a little scatterbrained this morning, what with stuffs and junks, here's another random post.

I finished my round of edits on Ugly and the Beast yesterday and sent the manuscript out for proofing.  If you were expecting a copy and didn't receive it, let me know.  I really think I nailed it, but we'll see what readers have to say.  Hopefully, it's not too messy.  I tried really hard to make it a clean copy, but sometimes we writers miss stuff.

I took the rest of yesterday off.  Kinda.  I did sit down to see if I could get Cinder Ugly jumpstarted again.  Nope.  I suspect I am going to have to either go back and delete a bunch of stuff to get back on track, or just forge ahead and hope I can fix it in edits.  I'm kind of a linear writer, so it'll probably be Option A.

To whoever read Fertile Ground and Early Grave over the weekend, thanks.  Now, if you could wander over to Amazon and leave a couple reviews, I'd really appreciate it.  Like mightily. 

I discovered why I'm suddenly showing more Amazon review numbers than I had.  Amazon decided to put all the worldwide reviews together, so basically I'm seeing the few reviews I have in the UK added to my US numbers.  Still pissed about the ratings thing, but international reviews are okay. 

And that's about it for me today.  Time to wander off and get the day started.  What's on your plate today?

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  1. Really? I only see the US reviews. Stupid 'Zon. But yay for reads! I hope they will leave a review.

    Yup, got mine yesterday but I was playing hookey. I'll start today and I bet it's a lot better than you think.

    You know what I did over the weekend. Not much. LOL

    I'm going to start work on your proofs and maybe write a little. I have Stormy for OT after school and I may stop at Jersey Mike's on my way home to get my free b-day sub for dinner, since LG has a meeting tonight and won't be home for dinner.

    In other words, it's Monday. 🤷