Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Caught Up in the Crazy

Now would seem like the perfect time to get some writing and editing done.  There's nowhere to go.  No sports on TV - unless you enjoy curling.  Hell, here it's even been pouring rain so outside activities are suspended.  I should be here with my butt in the chair, working away. 

But no.  My stupid brain is so caught up in this carnival of crazy that I can't seem to make myself focus on the things I need to do.

For example:  Last night, at about 2:15am, a lightning crack woke me up out of a sound sleep.  After I got up and did my stuff and the cat's stuff, I couldn't get back to sleep because my brain switched over to 'what if we lose power?  I have a month's worth of meat in the freezer.  :panicpanicpanic:'  So it's little wonder I can't shift into work mode during the day.

To that end, I'm glad I didn't set a date for release yet.  I'd have to delay it.  I can't promise anything right now.  I thought I was scatterbrained before.  This makes the old me seem like a stable person.  Blerg.

On the upside, I had an interesting thing happen yesterday.  A wildlife photographer I follow on FB had set up a Pinterest page and was asking for help, so I commented.  And then someone commented on my comment.  And then she liked my FB Page.  And then she bought four of my books.  Wow.  I guess you never know where sales will come from, eh?

So, where's your head at these days?  Caught up in the crazy?  Keeping calm and carrying on? 


  1. I'm watching the crazy and shaking my head. I'm stocked on people stuff. Critter stuff isn't in high demand. Yet.

    As for working? LG is staying home. That totally disrupts my routine and when he wanders in to ask a question or with a thought, I have to stop, back up, rewind and...I'm easily distracted. LOL

    I really need to get focused. There's not that much left to do on BETRAYAL. I need to nudge only about the cover, though. There's this little idea in the back of my head that whispers I'd work harder if I had the cover but that means the book is "real." Crazy head.

    Anyway, hang in there. Believe that this, too, shall pass, and we'll both do our best. 🥰

  2. Hooray for FB-based sales! Congratulations!

    Lightning and power outages worries are distracting. So is loss of sleep. It's hard sometimes to keep on keeping on.

    I'm too tired to panic. ;-)