Monday, March 16, 2020

Pandemic-Based Marketing and Other Sundry Stuff

The bandwagon in marketing these past few days seems to be 'self-isolating? read my book'.  Initially, I thought I might use a variation, because I'm trying to market the SCIU books right now and it seemed like a fresh take, but I missed the window.  Now, mere days later, it's already overused and obvious.

Why obvious?  Well, people are trapped at home - whether because they chose to be or they have nowhere to go because their work, their entertainment, their schools, etc. are closed.  Of course, they're going to read if they're inclined to read.  Otherwise, they'll be surfing the net or watching TV or watching TV on the net. 

Me?  I'll be reading, of course.  And watching TV.  And surfing the net.  Although right now, being on social media is a minefield of crap.  The pendulum swinging between 'don't worry' and 'worry lots' is making me dizzy.

In addition to reading and vegging, I'll be working*.  Because that's what writers do.  We're already self-isolated 90% of the time anyway.  I started in on the edits for Ugly and the Beast yesterday.  When I get this done, I'll go back to writing new words - because, at this time, I can't seem to focus on new words while I'm editing.  While I'm writing new words, I'll be reading through UatB again, just to make sure I didn't insert new typos while I was fixing old ones.  Because that happens.

When I get closer to having UatB done, I'll give you a release date.

Anyway, I'm well here.  So is Hubs.  If you hear me coughing, it's because I smoke.  And I smoke more when I'm stressed.  And guess what?  This whole thing has me stressed.  Which is why I locked my keys in the car on Saturday (see yesterday's post on The Writing Spectacle).  Because stress also makes me stupid.  Blerg.

Hang in there out there.  Check in on any old or infirm people you know because they may not have the resources to weather this shit.  And keep your head down.  This may get uglier before it gets better.

What are you up to these days?  Pandemic-based marketing - yea or nay?  Talk to me, folks.

*I'd also go fishing, but it's raining and it's supposed to continue raining through Thursday.  Yippee.


  1. You know my stance. I haven't been shy. LOL I wish you could go fishing. It would be good for you. People will jump on anything as a marketing ploy. I considered it for a brief moment, something along the lines of "E-books are untouched by human hands" type thing but decided against it.

    I'll "self-isolate" until I need groceries, Starbucks, or fast food. Then I'll get out in the world and interact with people. Just like I do in normal circumstances. I just hope this crud crests, declines, and we can all get back to normalcy without the panic.

    Oh, and I have a runny nose, sore throat, sneezes and light cough because IT'S SPRING!!!! Cedar pollen is peaking, oak pollen is starting, and I have frickin' allergies. Grrrr.

    I may have to get out today to find cheese. Because evidently, cheese is something that should be hoarded during a "crisis." :rolls eyes:

    Hang in there, stay dry and warm, happy editing and new words. Later, tater.

  2. Other than used-book or grocery shopping, I'm self-isolating, too, but, like you, that's normal for me. (Man, tooooo many commas. Been reading too many Victorian books, lately.)

    I'm all coughy and sniffly, too, because allergies. If I catch a real bug, I may not know the difference until I stop breathing.

    Wishing you a good fishing day on Friday!