Wednesday, June 19, 2019


All three of the books in the Serial Crimes Investigation Unit series are on sale starting today and running through 11:59p PST (US) or GMT (UK).  99c/99p each.

Buy one or buy them all. 

The SCIU series US
The SCIU series UK

Dying Embers US
Dying Embers UK

Fertile Ground US
Fertile Ground UK

Early Grave US
Early Grave UK

All of them are also available through the Kindle Unlimited program, so that's over a thousand pages of suspense for free with your subscription.  Jus' sayin'.

If you haven't read any of them, they're stand alone novels with the SCIU organization tying them together, and a bit of information from Dying Embers in Fertile Ground and Early Grave (and a bit from Fertile Ground in Early Grave).  But yeah, new main characters, new plots, fresh faces with a bit of the old, familiar mixed in. 

They were a ton of fun to write and from what I've heard, they're a ton of fun to read, too.  If you haven't read them, now's the budget-friendly time to give them a whirl.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

And I know it's horribly teasing of me to talk about it, especially when I'm in a writing dry spell, but I do have plans for a fourth book.  Maybe next year?  I have the plot - someone is killing the criminals the SCIU went after who got off on technicalities - but no title yet.  Stick with me, folks.  I ain't done yet.

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  1. LOVE these books!!! Worth reading even at full price, an absolute treat on sale! I passed along the info. :)