Monday, June 3, 2019

KU, Page Read Vacuum, and the Timesuck That is Writing Forums

As you know, I had the Once Upon a Djinn books on sale.  And this is the point at which I should be seeing residual Page Reads mounting.  Except I'm not. 

So, I says to myself this morning... 'Self?' I says.  "I wonder what the hell is up with Kindle Unlimited?  And finding no answer in my head, I went in search of people who were perhaps in the know about such things.  And the only place I know of to go is the KDP community forum.

Yeah, yeah, if you know me, you know I don't do forums.  At least not in any participatory way and rarely in a read-and-learn way.  (Long story... old story... blah and yawn.)

Anyway, I was scrolling though the forum, trying to discern the answer to my question.  I clicked on a post that I thought might help.  Nope.  Someone asking a question that might've been answered by doing what I was doing, and then getting a 'well, duh' answer and then getting her undies in a wad because she felt like she was being bullied.  Clicked on another... Same same.  Then I clicked on a thread because I wanted to laugh at the responses to the question of 'why is everyone so vicious here?' (and they spelled vicious wrong... on a writing forum... derp.)  Then I got sucked into a post that's subject was so horribly written it made me want to gouge out my eyes.  You know, just for kicks.

And then I remembered I was supposed to be trying to answer a question and I left because being in there is suck a huge waste of time.  Which is pretty much what happens when I go into any forum lately. 

Yes, I could've tried searching the topic.  I've done that in the past and get more useless hits than useful ones.  Sometimes it's better to just scroll down the list and hope for the best. 

Anyway... again... I did find that other writers seem to be in the same position (i.e. Kindle page reads are down), but no real clue as to why.  It could be that so much drek is floating around in the program and readers are being so consistently burned by crap that they're not using KU as much as they used to.  That's my guess anyway.  Not sure what the answer is.  I know I don't want to go wide, but it may be the only answer. 

The problem with even exploring that is my Kindle Select dates aren't up for an entire series any time soon.  And it's such a pain in the ass to go through all my books and change all the links so they don't point to Amazon.  Ugh.

I also noted, in the forums, that the general consensus is ads are paying for themselves, but no one is seeing sales like they used to.  So, I guess we're all in this together.  I'm guessing again but I think it's the glut of  potential reading material. 

Imagine you're in a stadium full of people and you're trying to find one person you might want to be friends with but you've never met them and you aren't sure what any of them are like.  That one is wearing a brightly colored shirt, but when you step up to him, you discover he's boring.  You overhear a woman talking and she sounds interesting, so you step up and find out she's kind of repeating the same things you've heard over and over.  There might be a good one in there somewhere, but finding them is hard and the harder things are the less likely we are to do them.  And so you get a headache and you go home.

I imagine that's kind of like what being a reader these days is like.

Wish I had better information for you this morning.  Like I said, I tried.  I may try to research this more after I've had some more coffee and the memory of the forum timesuck has faded a bit.

What say you?


  1. I hear a lot about Select and it makes me glad that I went wide to start out with! I can only imagine the number of hours it would take to undo everything and go wide...but I'd definitely recommend it. I get a significant portion of my income from non-Amazon sources.

  2. That's interesting, Elizabeth, because I've never had much luck with the books I took wide to begin with. Granted, not many but in one case, it's the entire series. That said, I plan to take one series wide when their next KDP period ends in about 2 1/2 months. I was going to do it in May when all but one expired but life happened and I didn't have time to set them up.

    I'll use Draft-2-Digital to take them wide. They have a universal link to a landing page that lists all the sellers including Amazon. Makes it easy to switch over buy links on my website.

    B.E., my reads have been all over the place. 200 pages one day and 2000 the next, though there are more days at 1K and below than above, hence me taking Nightriders wide. I'm going to leave Moonstruck in KU because I'm releasing the compendium novels wide. Well, 2 anyway. I gotta find the time and inspiration to get the rest of them done. *sigh* I'll be interested in whatever you find out and it's kinda sad that everyone seems to be in the same boat, though it makes me feel both good and bad at the same time. *shrug*

    Gotta get to work, now that I've caught up on everything I itnored this weekend. Later, gator.

  3. When I went wide, I didn't make a single sale -- until I cancelled it. A day after, I made two sales. Entirely too weird.

    My Kindle reads are pathetic, but they're better than nothing. And my nonfiction sells in paperback there, so I don't want to give up my 70%. Or has it gone down to 60%? Sigh.