Friday, June 21, 2019

Facebook and Marketing

Recently, Facebook gifted us with the ability to pretty-up our Page and Group posts with bold and italics and bullet points or numbering and some other extraneous stuffs.  Which is all well and good, but... and it's a big but for me... when you copy and paste text, it tosses in weird spaces and line breaks.  And if you try to fix it, it makes it worse.

Frankly, it's a pain in the ass. And as we all know, making something that's already kind of a pain in the ass more of a pain in the ass tends to make one not want to do it anymore.

But I have to do it.  Hitting the FB Groups the morning after an ad, when the ad generated sales have boosted my rankings, is a must.  I need to take advantage of that better ranking - 17425 overall and 371 genre - to possibly gain some extra sales and maybe get some people to download the book for Kindle Unlimited so I can have residual page reads later.  Plus, selling the day after an ad helps keep those rankings from dropping too quickly which leads to better sales.  It's a circle thing.

Today's marketing image is:

Speaking of images, check out this useful post over at Elizabeth Spann Craig's blog - The Importance of Images in Social Media.

Now, if only the social media... ahem, FB... was cooperating.  ;o)

Anyway, good luck out there with your marketing efforts.  Any questions, let me know.

Edited to Add: When you post in a FB Group, you should see something like this now:

If you hover over the 'paragraph marks' symbol, you get the opportunity to change the format to Header1, Header2, bullets or numbering, and embedded quotes.  If you select text, it gives you the opportunity to Bold or Italics the selected type.  I think this is only in Group posts, but I'm not sure. 


  1. How in the world do you add bold or italics in FB? I can't find any magic buttons or anything. Or is it done throught HTML? Have I mentioned I hate FB?

    Good luck on the sale!

    And it's the weekend! I just wish I didn't have to work, which is my own fault for procrastinating for so long. We sow what we reap, right? ;)

    1. I added the answer to the post. I hope it helps. If not, let me know.


      Yay for the weekend, but yeah, weekends don't matter much to writers. And yeah, I guess so, but we didn't sow this writerly clog stuff we're living with right now. I need some major decongestant for this. ;o)

  2. I know I should use it, but I won't go near FB with a 1000' pole. That they make such an insecure platform hard to use doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

    I hope you make a ton of sales from your efforts!