Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Tax Time Approacheth

Okay, so how many of you read the subject of this post and ran screaming into the night?  I admit, the thought of tax time makes my stomach curdle.  Not because I think I might owe anything.  I'm nowhere near making enough money to offset my deductions,  Nope.  I get queasy because I know I have a boatload of work to do before I can even start my taxes and the thought of approaching the BIG ENVELOPE OF RECEIPTS scares the crap out of me. 

This, of course, is because I do not keep track of this stuff throughout the year.  I have an entire year's worth of receipts and invoices and stuff to sort through.  And then, once sorted, I have to enter it into a spreadsheet to come up with totals to put into the boxes in TurboTax.  Oh, god, I still have to go through my email and print any receipts I forgot to print last year... :shudder:

Yes, folks, I do my own taxes.  As with not making enough to offset deductions, I don't make enough to bother with a CPA (or enough to afford a CPA).  Yet.  There's always hope*, right? 

Anyway, now is the time when I need to start thinking about doing this monumental task.  As soon as all our other tax paperwork arrives, I need to get those taxes done and submitted.  No waiting for April around here.  Just get 'er done. 

What about you?  Are you thinking about taxes in January or are you a 'wait 'til April' kind of person?

*Yes, I am the insane one who wants to make enough money that I'll need to pay a CPA to do my taxes, because that means I'm selling beaucoup books. 


  1. We pretty much wait until April. I did out the file where I tossed stuff from the previous year, do a quick add-up to see which deduction means less to pay and we use that form. I hate taxes. This year, if I'd actually paid in, I'd probably get it all back PLUS whatever perks you get for being poor. :-P

  2. Amazon sent the first version of my tax form today - last year it took two or three tries. This one doesn't match my records, so I'm holding off, but it's only a few dollars off.

    Otherwise, I think I'm ready to roll. I stick everything in the cheapest version of Quicken. And after the year (Shudder, what a mess) I didn't input my data for several months, I've become dedicated to getting it in THAT DAY. Because of my little business, I need (hope for) daily entries, but for my writing income/expenses alone, I only would need to enter stuff once a month. And Quicken adds everything up for me. Makes it worth the hassle.

    Now I have to hunt down a copy of TurboTax. To my shock, Walmart only carries H&R.

    btw, you have a new review. :-)