Friday, January 19, 2018

Jus' Sayin'

The other day I was talking to the assistant manager at the local dollar store. He was bemoaning the fact that they're short-handed. They've been short-handed for months. And it's not that people aren't applying for jobs. It's that none of them can pass the background checks.

Think about that for a second. Having fucked your life up so bad you're unable to pass the background check for a job at a dollar store.  You may say 'but they didn't fuck their whole life up, they just made one mistake, maybe'.  To which I'd say, 'the one mistake fucked their whole life up because now they can't even get a job at a dollar store.'
Here's something I found at an online employment site (company name redacted) that tells what a background check would entail:
All employment offers at :dollar store: are contingent upon passing a background check. :dollar store: uses the background check to look for criminal convictions on your record. They also use it to verify the information that you’ve provided on your application. So don’t try to be sneaky and twist the facts — honesty is the best policy.
Let's think about that for another second.  None of the people in this rural area can pass a background check.  Which means either 1) criminal convictions or 2) lying on their application.  

Sure, the reasons could be people lying.  But why would someone lie on a dollar store application?  They're so shorthanded that you don't need any experience, so you don't have to lie about that.  So, the only reason I can think of for lying on your application would be a criminal background.  And we're back to #1 again.  Crime.
Oh, and you need to pass a drug test.  Which, failing said test, would also mean a crime.  
Back to the one mistake thing.  One mistake can fuck your whole life up.  So, knowing that - and if you don't know that you're either in denial or you live in a hole - why WHY Whyyy would you do something that might potentially fuck up your life?  Jus' askin'.  

I follow the Bangor, Maine Police Department on FB.  They end a lot of their posts with the same advice: "Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people's things alone, and be kind to one another."  Seems pretty simple, eh?  Not a hard set of rules to follow that would lead to you not being unable to work at a dollar store, right?  

Apparently it is a hard set of rules.  Around here anyway.  And I would suspect we aren't the only area experiencing a dearth of background passing applicants.  

Jus' sayin'.

On a side note, it's nice to know I would have a job to fall back on if I needed one.  Bet I could walk in there today and have a job by the end of the month.  I already have a huge leg up on the other applicants.  Because I can pass a freakin' background check.  And that's just sad.


  1. You can also fill out the application and not screw it up. I had occasion to go over a stack of applications and resumes for an entry-level desk job. When you misspell "Receptionist" on your paperwork, you are NOT going to get the job. Just sayin'...

    And yeah, there's a whole segment that just don't get it and there's another group that makes excuses and coddles them all for...well, you know what for. I won't muddy your waters with my pollution. ;)

    Have a great weekend and I hope you get some fishing in! Supposed to hit 60 here tomorrow.

    1. LOL, there's that, too. I remember reviewing applications and resumes for varying jobs throughout my 'work for someone else' life. :shudder:

      I suspect our waters are clean. It's their pollution. ;o)

      Oh happy dream! But the water's still freakin' cold and the fish are still deep. I might get into the woods again, though. Yay!