Monday, January 8, 2018

Pick a Cover

Sometime a while back, I decided to do a cover for Blink of an I.  At that time I hadn't even decided to go ahead with its publication.  I was just bored - either that or avoiding work I was supposed to be doing - and created a cover.  It took a long time and was a lot of work, but I was generally pleased with the outcome.

Now that Blink is approaching its publication day, I needed to readdress that cover.  And I had another idea for a much simpler cover for Blink.  Then I played around a bit with the original cover.  Thus, I can't decide which one I like best.  (Or rather which one will sell better because it really doesn't matter which one I like best.)  Soooo...  I'm putting it out there in the world.  Help me decide which cover Blink of an I goes live with next month.

Without further ado, here are the selections.  (Click on any one of them to make them larger.  The gray parts are actually static like on an old TV.  And the original cover ones are composed of smaller pictures of things.)

Original Cover, fat font
Original Cover, thinner font

Leave a comment with your choice.  If you have a choice and a suggestion, that would be awesome, too.  I'll tell you which ones I like best later.

Everyone who comments with a choice and/or suggestion will be entered to win something.  I haven't decided what yet.  A book?  An advanced copy of this?  A gift card?  What would you like to win? And no, you don't have to pick the cover I ultimately choose to be eligible.  Especially since I'll be announcing a winner way before I reveal the winning cover.

(Yes, the one has the author name off center.  I don't like it there either.  If I pick it, I'll fix that.)


  1. I like the first one better, but I think your name should be centered (and if possible, larger).

  2. I like A best. Your name should be on a plain field, though. It's hard to read.

    But none of the covers tell us anything about the book. IIR, it's a dystopian, but the background photos don't hint of that (I don't know what would). Admittedly, in the thumbnail, I can't see them. In the larger version, I think I see fire, big houses or tenements, and an airplane. Only the fire means anything to me.

    TV static won't mean much to younger-than-us readers.
    Plain black says it's a scary book, but that's all - maybe a pale (paler than black, anyway) overlay of a single photo would help.

    The wide font is the most readable. I have to admit, purely personal preference, I like the last font best.

    Covers are so HARD!

    (Oh, if I win, I'd love a copy of the book. :-) ...)