Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Updates and Junk

The second pass of edit notes is done for Duke Noble P.I.: Rumor Has It.  This round, I ended up with 12 pages of notes.  And I've already entered 8 of those.  I'll enter those last 5 suckers and make one more pass for typos.  Then I can send it off to readers definitely by the end of the week.  The waiting is nearly over.  Yay.

I really need to get to work on a cover now.  Gah.  I actually have an idea in my head of how I want it to look.  The question now is whether I can pull it off.

And I need to do a blurb.  I have no ideas there.  

But I have an idea for the second book in this series.  Derp.

This book... which will hopefully be part of a series... is a throwback to the old noir crime novels.  It's set in a time before computers and to-go coffee.  When people still smoked without worrying about being harassed for it.  When men could still ogle a woman and she took it as a compliment.  

I hope I got it right.  

Anyway, I enjoyed writing it.  I hope people enjoy reading it.  

Last night, as a reward for finishing the edit pass, I started reading Uptown Blues: Herbert and Melancon #5 by Seth Pevey.  I'm kind of addicted to this series and Seth knows it, so he messages me when he's got a new book out.  Unfortunately, I was in the middle of the edit pass, so I couldn't start reading it immediately like I usually do.  But I sure as hell got my buns in gear to make that edit pass go quickly.  ;o)

So far, so awesome.  That boy can write.

And that's where I'm at.  How are things with you?


  1. Yay for your editing spree! LOL and yay for ideas on the second book!

    I love noir detective stories! I can't wait to read Duke's!

    (I know, I know, too many exclamation points. It's just so hard to express my enthusiasm without them. :-) )

  2. I'm with Deb. I love the noir stuff too! Yay on edits and reading a book you enjoy. It's only Wednesday but I've had a good writing week. There's some scenes I'm toying with and might take them out to use in a different book. When I started this WIP, I had it going in a totally different direction. One, it was going to be a fairly short novella--just a peek into Sade and Sinjen's relationship. Now? Big stuff has and is happening between them and I'm not sure those particular scenes now fit in the timeline. We'll see.

    Anyway. Looking forward to Duke. Enjoy the weather. Supposed to hit 79 here today. Of course, we're supposed to have a freeze this weekend. Stupid weather.

    Happy Hump Day!