Monday, March 15, 2021

It's Getting Closer

I had hoped to have a blurb ready to share with y'all this morning, but my attempts at one were lame and I gave up.  

In case you missed it yesterday on The Writing Spectacle, here's the final version of the cover:

without the Coming Soon banner across it.

:shrug:  I like it.  Sometimes.  Sometimes I want to fiddle with it some more until I'm 100% satisfied... but that'll never happen, so I'm not touching it again.

Anyway, it's getting closer.  I got my first bit of feedback since one of my readers inhaled the book, and she loved it.  With exclamation points.  Yay!  And she didn't figure out the whodunnit until it was revealed.  Double yay!

As always, I'll wait until all the feedback is in before I dive into those edits, but publication is so close I can taste it.  It's yummy and frightening.  Like a chocolate truffle that may or may not be laced with arsenic.  

I'm thinking about what to write next.  Part of me wants to dive right back into another Duke.  Another part of me remembers what happens when I don't take a mental break from my characters - they get boring and stale.  We'll see what happens.


  1. Sorry to be slow. :( So far, I'm thinking exclamation points too, though.

    I hate writing blurbs. And you always fix mine so have faith in yourself!

    I like the cover.

    Okay. Work to do. Later, tater!

    I totally get you on the break time away from characters.

  2. Blurbs are harder to write than the whole book, imo.

    This one will be worth the effort, though! :-)