Wednesday, November 20, 2019

I Haz the Dumb

I cannot brain today.  I haz the dumb.  If you came here looking for something to semi-intelligent, go visit yesterday's The Writing Spectacle, wherein I talk about not having discipline and looking for balance between life and writing.

If you've already seen that...

Well, I could do a sale wrap-up, but that's depressing.  Or a NaNo update... but I'll leave that for Sunday. 

Tell you what.  Why don't you tell me what's going on with you and your writing? 


  1. Not a good day NaNoWriMo day yesterday. I got a few hundred here, a few there, but not on the same project. Today will be better. Yesterday was running around and an evening spent otherwise occupied with important stuffs. It was a good day for Jake service dog training and errands.

    Hang in there. Today is a new day. More coffee, a little nap, things will perk up, hopefully. I need to get like 6K words written. That would be good.

    Time for more coffee and then words!

  2. I agree with Silver, hang in there.

    I'm finally home for a day, so I plan to work on the new dressmaking book. The last (I hope) proof for the 1860s book should arrive tomorrow, and I'll set it up for purchase. Hmm, I guess I should write a blog post. Rats. ;-)