Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Author Pics

Part of marketing, I guess, is putting yourself out there.  So, in an effort to improve my business image, I had a set of author photos done over the weekend.

Okay, I had Hubs take a bunch of pics with my old Nikon, which I then sorted through, cropped, and tweaked for optimum jazziness.  Cost = $0.

I picked out the best two.  They're now splashed up everywhere I could think of that had my old author pic - which Hubs also took - from 2017.

This one...
... against the siding of our home... is on my personal FB page.

This one...
... in the front yard next to the cedars... is on my business FB page, at Amazon (US and UK), on Goodreads, MeWe, Pinterest, the NaNo site, and here on my Blogger profile.  (I feel like I'm forgetting somewhere.  If you see the old pic of me in a blue t-shirt anywhere, let me know.)

I set aside these:
in front of one of fiction bookcases in the office
Passed on that because it feels slightly blurry and this one because I look a little confused.  Plus there's the guy wire in the background.
next to one of our big cedars
I tossed all the pics that made me look fat.  Or the ones where I had a weird look on my face.  And the one where I was basically stinking my tongue out.  (I must've stuck the tip out to wet my lips right when he snapped the pic.  Blerg.)  Which stunk because otherwise that one was good.

Anyway, Hubs and I had fun with it.  With him saying, "Work it, baby." and me making goofy faces and taking one 'bathroom selfie' with the two of us in the bathroom mirror.

So, you see, taking author pics doesn't have to be expensive, or a trial, or 'professional'.  Of course, you need someone who can take pics and a good camera (these days it seems like everyone's phones take pretty good pics, so no need to shell out for an expensive digital) and something to edit photos with.  I used MS Office Picture Manager for the tweaking and cropping.  But I think it's worth it.

And I'm glad we did it.  These are much better pics than the old one I was using.  Mainly because I actually put some effort into it.  Got cleaned up, made my hair behave, tried on several outfits until I found one I thought looked professional and that I also felt comfortable in.  No makeup, of course.  I'm not even sure I have makeup in the house anywhere anymore.  Hubs was a champ and very patient.

Do you like your author pics?  Do you get them professionally done or wing it the way I do?  And the big question, do you like having your picture taken at all? 


  1. LOVE the new author pics (especially the first one). And well done on cost - not to mention having fun at the same time (picture taking is NOT answer your last question).

    1. Thanks, Janet!

      LOL, you're not alone. Loads of people hate having their pics taken. I only hate it when I'm not expecting it. Candid shots never seem to work for me. I'm always making a weird face. Have to compose myself for the camera, doncha know.

  2. I'm with Janet! I LOVELOVELOVE that first one! And the second ain't shabby. 😉 I'm lucky. I have Only. She has a big fancy camera and photoshop/editing skills. One of these days, I should probably update mine since the one I have plastered is several (like I don't remember when we took them!) years old. Hair stile has changed. Not much but enough. But it means getting real clothes on and makeup and going someplace. 😋 Glad you did it. You look AWESOME!

  3. I love the first one, too!

    I loathe having my picture taken. So much so that my most-used avi is at least 30 years old, and my newest one is 15 years old. Mom would happily take a pic for me, but last time she tried I wound up with photos of my knees, or the top of my head, or my face shaded into obscurity by my hat. Master photographer she's not, but she sure tries hard.

    And then there's the old lady in the mirror. Sooo not putting her on my website! ;-)