Friday, August 2, 2019


I was going to skip posting today because I don't really have anything to talk about.  But hey, it's Friday and chances are you're here because you expect me to say something.

I got a survey thing from the last place I marketed.  They were fine.  Sure, I didn't break even on that one, but I suspect it was less their fault than mine.  Not sure why they send out a survey right after the sale is over and ask about page reads in it.  Page reads generally don't come in that quick for me.  Gimme another week and I might be able to accurately answer that question. 

Right now, I'm waiting for ENT to get back to me on whether I can have an ad with them.  One thing about ENT is they're not that good about sub-genres.  They have paranormal, but it's paired with romance - which is totally not the place to put Wish in One Hand.  I went with 'fantasy' this time, cuz, like, it's urban FANTASY.  We'll see what happens.  I gave them a date range and told them I'm flexible, if that helps them decide anything.  Worst they can say is no.

If ENT rejects WIOH, advertising will be with Bargain Booksy again.  But I think BB is almost tapped out.  They recommend advertising a book every 90 days, but I'm afraid of market saturation, so I don't follow their advice. 

Oh, and I discovered a new thing with BB specifically targeting Kindle Unlimited subscribers.  It's $25, but it only reaches 10K people.  And the book has to have more than 20 reviews.  Might give it a whirl in September with Dying Embers (my only 20+ review book.)

Also 'oh, and', this month is the four-year birthday for Wish in One Hand.  Four years... whoda thunk it?

What's going on out there in your world?


  1. You might try Book Doggy for a new audience. It's like $14 and besides their daily newsletter, they put stuff out on FB. They also have a YouTube channel if you have a video. I've got to find the time to make videos for either all my books, or my series (the completed ones anyway so I can showcase the covers) with the overall plot arc and characters. First thought, I've got to get the Nightriders revised for wide distribution. They come up for KU renewal on August 19 and I'm taking them off it and going wide, just to see what happens. My page reads are down, mostly. We'll see.

    Happy Birthday month, WIOH! Hard to believe how fast time flies.

    Okay, LG helped me figure out the next scene so I need to get words done. Today's the day or else! Have a great weekend and I hope you get to go fishing soon. 😊

  2. Happy birthday to Wish in One Hand!

    Now get back to writing your next book, please. :-)