Monday, August 26, 2019

The August Genie Sale

Time for another sale - this one with paid advertising.  All four Once Upon a Djinn books are on sale right now (through Friday night). 

Wish in One Hand - 99c
In Deep Wish - $1.99
Up Wish Creek - $1.99
Wish Hits the Fan - $1.99

Get the whole complete series for less than $7.  (Always free with Kindle Unlimited.)  Yep, it's complete.  The arc wraps up in book 4.  Promise.

Read one or read them all.  And if you've only read part of the series, now's the time to finish it.  (I wish I could coax the one less-than-stellar reviewer of In Deep Wish to finish the series, so she can see her comments there don't hold true across the series.)

The ad goes live tomorrow with Ereader News Today for Wish in One Hand.  It's going out in the Fantasy section this time.  My only other choice was to put it in Paranormal/Romance, but there's no romance in this.  So, we'll see if having it the Fantasy section this time shows better sales.  

If you read them, I'd really appreciate a review.  Once you've read the series, it would be awesome and super helpful if you could jot a review down at the series page.

AND if you enjoy them, give Sleeping Ugly a whirl.  There are two more books in the hopper for that series.  Honest there are.  And I promise I'm actually working on them.  I'd like to promise they'll be out later this year, but some things have to align in the universe - things I have no control over - before I can promise anything.

Anyway, thanks everyone for your support in all this, and if you're new to Once Upon a Djinn, thanks for stopping by.  I hope you download them and enjoy the hell out of them.


  1. Every time you put these books on sale I want to buy and review them all over again. Sadly, I can only do that one time. 😜 Jo is one of my favorite characters! Good luck with the sale.

  2. This is a great series! I hope more readers discover it.