Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Burning Drive to Write

I'm thinking about writing again.  Both in the 'once more I am thinking about creating a story' and the 'I will set my ass down and write once more' ways.

The old urge to write is peeking its head above the surface of my general malaise.  I find myself thinking about stories again.  How to proceed with Cinder Ugly mostly.  I think I need to rewrite the end of Ugly and the Beast before I can really get rolling on CU, but the thoughts are there.  (The way UstB is now, I could easily end the series there, so I need to come up with something that lends itself to a third book.)

I don't think I have the urge to write some of you have, though.  It's not a burning need where if I stopped writing entirely I'd wither up and die or anything.  I wrote stuff when I was young and then I stopped because life was in the way.  I wrote some stuff when I was in my twenties.  Then I stopped because reasons and once those reasons went away, life intruded again.  I didn't write again until I was 33, when Fear Itself leapt into my head and refused to leave.  Still, if I hadn't had the encouragement of Hubs, I probably would've let life intrude again and FI would've become yet another partially finished novel gathering e-dust on my harddrive.

Nowadays, it's less an urge to write than a business thing.  I have readers waiting for more books.  Book sales increase with the release of another book - especially if they're in a series.  If I want to please readers and sell books, I have to put additional books out there.  Which means I have to write. 

I'd like to have the urge some of you have.  The Burning Drive to Write.  To wake up in the morning thinking about writing and be unable to move forward without putting new words on the page.  Oh, I'm not saying I never have those days, but I suspect they're fewer and farther between than a lot of other writers.  Which sometimes gives me a sad. 

It'd be nice to have The Burning Drive to Write.  Hell, it would be nice to have a burning drive to do anything.  But I guess I'm not a burning drive kind of gal.  I'm a simmer kind of gal, I guess.  :shrug:  I get an urge, but it's more a 'it'll get done when it gets done' than 'I have to do this NOW' kind of thing.

What about you?  Do you have The Burning Drive to Write?  A burning drive for anything?  Talk to me about it.


  1. Yeah, I can't really seem to stop. I got really burned out a couple of years ago and gave myself a prescription of a few weeks off. But a couple of days later, I was back at it. Otherwise the story starts hounding me (like your 'Fear Itself' story). But this is *all* I can do...honestly, I'm not good at anything else. That may have something to do with it.

  2. I used to. Then things. I want it back too. I want it to be fun and exciting rather than...just business as usual. I miss the days of unlimited creativity and flowing words.

  3. My burning drive burned out. Low sales was a big part of it.

    Now I'm (trying to be) content with writing nonfiction, since it sells better. If I win the Lotto, I might get back to Viper again. :-)