Monday, May 20, 2019

Sales and Marketing Update Thingie

Time again for another sales/marketing update thingie. 

I've been doing even more to keep track of things this year, so it's easier to see what I did and what worked.  As always, advertising is what works.  For the most part anyway.

In January, I held a sale for Sleeping Ugly and placed an ad*.  2 sales.  But I had residual sales from ads placed for the SCIU series in December, so another 16 books there.

In February, I held a sale for the OUAD books with an ad.  52 sales.  I also had one freebie day for Unequal and gave away 22 copies, but I got one person to read the whole book in KU, so 1 sale.

In March, I held sales for Natural Causes and Project Hermes with no ads.  3 sales and 1 sale respectively.

In April, I held a sale for the SCIU books with no ad.  5 sales.  I also held a sale on Accidental Death with an ad.  27 sales.

So far this month, I held a sale for Blink with no ad.  0 sales.  I have another sale for the OUAD books starting Tuesday with an ad going out on Thursday.  We'll see what happens when I have a sale twice in the first half of the year and advertise at the same place.  The venue keeps sending me emails that the majority of their advertisers place ads every 90 days for optimum success.  We'll see if they're right or blowing smoke up my skirt.

Next month, I'll be having more sales with, hopefully, more advertising.  We'll see what the budget allows. 

To date, I've spent $71 on ads and made $96 I can directly relate to those ads, so I'm ahead of the game there.  Not by much, but I'm calling it a win.  Here's hoping the $40 I spent on advertising WIOH this week will net me a bigger return. 

Nevertheless, I've said it before and I'll say it again, ads work.  Maybe not as well as I would like, but they usually pay for themselves and get my books in front of people.  They'd probably work better if I had something new to put out there, but I haven't worked that out yet this year.  They'd also work better if I had more reviews, but there's little I can do about that. 

Any questions?

* Ad or no ad, I'm always posting to various FB groups throughout these sales.  Some more than others.  I lost my will to post during the Blink sale and you can see what that netted me.  Zilch.


  1. Thanks for this! Every time I read one of your marketing roundups I remember that I need to try ads again. Maybe this summer...usually a slow time.

  2. Sigh. Every time you post one of these, I swear I'm going to save up the money for an ad campaign. But somehow it never seems to happen.

    Wishing you great success with your next ads!