Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Sale Wrap-up Post

Okay, so there was a sale.  All four of the Once Upon a Djinn books were 99c/99p each for a bit there.  And the sales were fine.  Not OMG! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!, but fine.

As I said before, I managed to glean some sales on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week through simple FB Group posts.  The ad with Bargain Booksy got me a total of 46 sales on Thursday.  Friday saw 6 additional sales.  Saturday, I only sold 2.  Sunday was crickets, but I saw 5 sales first thing Monday morning before the big 'end of sale' FB push.  Unfortunately, my marketing efforts on the final day of the sale didn't sell any other books. 

I had a slight burp on Monday when I discovered that Amazon had raised the price of Up Wish Creek a day early.  (Still said the sale was In Progress, but it wasn't.  I think it had to do with its KDP 90 days ending on the 27th, but... meh.)  I had to change my marketing plan, of course.  Can't market the series as being 99c each when the third book is $3.99.  So, I shifted gears and only marketed Wish in One Hand at 99c/99p.  Apparently, that didn't do a darn thing.  :shrug:

Ah, the vagaries of marketing and book selling.

Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.  Sure, I'd like to have seen sales really take off, but that would be like winning the lottery, and we all know how that works.  I'm just glad I covered the cost of the ad and that more people are reading the Once Upon a Djinn books.

During the sale, I sold 75 books.  Now we wait and see if any residual sales or page reads come in.  

As for Rankings, WIOH started out in the US at 797201 and hit 15588 overall and 1077 in urban fantasy at the top.  It ended the sale at 124365 / 5787.  Those aren't numbers that will attract anyone on their own, but maybe someone stopping by will see them and feel a little better about trying the books. 

Next month, time and fundage willing, I will have a sale with advertising for the SCIU series.  I really need to start thinking about this stuff more than a month in advance.  The closer it is, the harder it is to get marketing at a variety of venues. 

Any questions?  Did I forget anything pertinent?