Friday, March 22, 2019

Flash Sale and Other Stuffs

I got a wild hair and decided to have a sale on Project Hermes.  It starts today and runs through Thursday night.  Get it for only 99c/99p - a $4 savings.  Woohoo!

The editing for Ugly and the Beast is not going as quickly as I'd like, so it looks like I'll be pushing back the dates on that.  Once I get this to my editor, I'll have a firmer date for publication.  Sorry about that, but stuffs happen.

The editing isn't going as quickly as I'd like because I'm in that sort of early-year malaise again.  Because reasons.

Funny how reasons can derail everything.  Life gets in the way.  Time gets in short supply.  Gumption runs out the door to play in the sunshine.  Sales, or I should say a lack of sales, get a body down.  Stuffs.

What I need is a magical formula for selling books.  Or to win the lottery.  Since there's no magic and my luck is gross, I guess I'll just have to keep humping along as best I can.

Any questions?  Comments? 


  1. If you find that magic formula, please let me know!

    Go play in the sunshine yourself. Spring doesn't last nearly long enough. Enjoy it while you can. :-)

  2. I could have written your last two paragraphs because...yeah. Truth.

    It's Friday. I have stuff to do but my non-existent night's sleep has left me foggy and sluggish. I've finished the pot of coffee and my eyes are still drooping. I'm thinking nap but that screws up my sleep pattern for tonight. Ah well. Too bad errands involve driving.

    Okay. I'm off to do something...anything...zzzzzzz