Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Publishing Goals for 2019

As you all know, I've been having a tough time looking ahead to this year.  I'm in kind of a limbo about it all.  But time and publishing waits for no man, so here I am trying to set some publishing goals for the new year.

1)  Finish Ugly and the Beast and get it published.
2)  Write SCIU #4.
3)  Write Dennis Haggarty #3.
4)  Write Cinder-Ugly.
5)  Get at least one of those three other books published.

I'm leery about setting sales goals for the year.  But I'd like to see if I can sell at least as many books this year as I did last year with like a 10% increase.  So, like 616 books. That sounds kind of sad, but setting attainable goals is what it's all about.  I'd love to sell thousands of books, but history has shown that's not realistic.  So...

6) Sell at least 616 books.

I should probably try to resurrect my newsletter, but I'm not promising anything.

7)  Have a sale with advertising at least once a month.

That's a big one because sales take a lot of out of me - time and energy and money.  But they work, so I should just bite my lip and do it.

I should also try to network more.  But the thought of that gives me intestinal issues.  It's like walking into a party that's been going on for a long long time, where everyone knows each other, and saying
'hey, hi, you don't know me at all, but I'd like to dance and no, I'm not a newbie'.  Plus, I hate social interaction for the sake of social interaction.  It feels forced and unnatural to me.  :shrug:

I'd also like to finish re-editing my first book, Fear Itself, this year.  I'm not even sure it's still a viable storyline, but if I can get it publish-worthy, maybe I can just put it out there and see what happens. Not a goal, just a hope.

So, there they are.  My 2019 publishing goals.  I think they're doable.  We'll see how I did when I wrap things up this time in 2020.

Have you set any goals for the new year?  How'd you do on your 2018 goals? 


  1. Sounds like some great goals!

    I don't set sales goals, but it would probably be smart if I did.

    I'm planning to write 3.5 books this year, which is my standard goal.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! I'm not sure how smart setting sales goals is. We'll see if I can meet them or if it's just a big disappointment this time next year.

      That's a good goal. I wish you success!

      Happy New Year to you, too!

  2. Those are awesome--and doable--goals! Crossing fingers that you meet them. The goals I set last year? Yeah...let's not talk about them. The last half of the year just sort of went pfffft. No goals for this year. I'm going to do what I can do. I have at least two books that HAVE to be done for HQN. After that? I have hopes but we'll see.

    I started out today with a big burst--paperwork for something unrelated but that I'd been putting off. Got most of it done. Go me.

    I really need to advertise. There's a Super Blood Wolf Moon the 21st of this month. I need to "monetize" that but I have no real clue of where/how/how much to spend. *sigh* I so totally fail at marketing.

    Nope. Not gonna get depressed again. Upward and onward!

    1. Thanks, Silver! I understand. You had a rough end of the year. :hugs: I hope this year goes smoother and that you get all the stuffs you want to do done. :hugs:

      Yay for getting the paperwork done! Go you!

      I can help with that marketing crap a little. Maybe.

      Nope, no more depression. Onward and Upward!

  3. I don't have half your ambition at the moment. My sole goal is to finish the dressmaking book by June. Start on the next in the series?

    Maybe by then I'll find my fiction mojo, but with nonfiction selling soooo much better, I might stick with the known sellers for a while.

    1. I totally understand. It's hard to get gumption up when the sales aren't there. I do know you have at least one reader who can't wait for your next fiction, though. ;o)

      Good luck with your dressmaking book. Let me know when it's out so I can post it to FB. I have at least one friend who I know for sure makes clothes.