Friday, January 4, 2019

Getting Back Into the Swing of Writing

Obviously, the best way to get back into the swing of writing is to never get out of it in the first place.  But if you're like me, life intervenes, editing must be done, things are getting published, marketing beckons... and the writing of new words get shunted off to the side. 

I haven't written new words for any length of time in months.  Last year, I kept saying I would write and then didn't.  I couldn't get the gumption up.  And the longer I went without writing, the harder it got.  I went from being able to sit down and bang out a couple thousand words to being lucky if I could put together a freakin' paragraph. 

So, how does one get back into the swing of things when the swing has stopped and you've lost your inertia?

Got me by the ass.

I think maybe I'm going to try baby pushes.  Push a little, back and forth back and forth, until the inertia builds again and I can really get swinging. 

I'm also going to try and spent more time thinking about writing.  When everything's quiet and my brain is left to it's own devices, I'm going to try and shift my thinking to writing.  What happens next in the story?  What about the idea for X?  How do you see that progressing?  What new and interesting things can you throw at your MC?  And I'll be writing these thoughts down whenever possible.  Get the juices flowing, even if they aren't flowing in the direction I thought I wanted them to go.  :shrug:

I've gotta do something.  I can't just sit here letting dust gather on my writing career.


  1. The only writing I'm getting done at the moment is "flash fiction." I'm using the prompts to get at least a little "ertia" going. It's only 250 or 500 words at a time, but they are new words. And they'll find a place in a book somewhere.

    Maybe consider using the #1lineWed prompt to write new stuff instead of finding it in stuff you've already written? I'd miss you shares but I'd be happy for you to get new words.

    Baby steps. Both of us. Let me know what I can do to help.

  2. When I finally get back to my fiction, I'll need to reread my WIP from the beginning, just to remember where I was. Maybe that way I can fix whatever stalled me.