Monday, February 12, 2018

The Photos Within the Cover

As you can see, the cover of Blink of an I is made up of a bunch of different photos.  I was going to make it a contest to see who could figure out the most images, but meh.  Contests never do well here.  Instead, I'll just tell you what I chose to include, if I remember right... 

From left to right...

Row 1
1) a dinosaur trapped in rock (taken at Dinosaur National Monument in Utah 2003)*
2) a graveyard (the same one from the cover of Accidental Death)
3) an old airplane at a museum in UT*
4) the grave of an unknown soldier
5) the steps to a brownstone in NYC

Row 2
1) the turbines inside Hoover Dam*
2) a civil war reenactment
3) the Golden Gate Bridge
4) Denver International Airport*

Row 3
1) not sure exactly, I think it's on Wall Street
2) an old barn
3) a woman staring off into the distance (also used on AD's cover)
4) the bridge at Starvation Reservoir in UT*
5) the Rio Casino in NV*

Row 4
1) the inside of a factory in TN*
2) the smoke from a grass fire in CO*
3) row houses in San Francisco
4) burning wood
5) the Statue of Liberty
6) a veterans' memorial in Utah*

Row 5
1) three bridges side by side
2) the cathedral at Notre Dame University*
3) a stand of birch trees in Utah*
4) a circuit board
5) an old barn

Everything with an asterisk, I took on my wanderings.  You'll notice a lot from Utah.  I did a bit of traveling around and took a lot of good pictures when I lived there 10/2002 - 6/2004.

Anyway, I tried to pick pictures that would mean something and I think I succeeded.  Whether anyone gets it?  :shrug:


  1. They'll make sense as people read the book, I'm pretty sure. It makes for an interesting cover. Nine days, huh? Saving my money!

    1. LOL, we'll see. Maybe some of them just make sense in my head. And I'm okay with that. LOL

      Yup. I'm kinda barfy about it, but kinda excited, too.