Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Taglines and Covers and Junk

Monday, Silver asked for a tagline on Blink of an I.  On Amazon, it's basically, 'In the blink of an I, the whole world can change.'  I think I told her it was 'In the blink of an I, the world can fall apart.' or something.  Maybe it should have been 'In the blink of an I, the whole world changed.'  Cuz the world has already changed.  Then again, Mary's world is changing throughout the book, so maybe the tense is right.  I dunno.

Are any of them grabby?  Therein lies the rub.  I think so, but I suck at that sort of stuff.  If I was scanning for a book to read, that would attract me enough to read the blurb.  And the blurb would entice me to buy it.  But that's me. 

I was reading an article this morning that talked about covers and how the cover should convey certain things to a potential reader depending on genre.  Umm, yeah.  Again, Blink's cover conveys the right things to me.  What other people might think?  I was never any good at figuring out what other people think.  The article suggested looking at other books in the same genre and going with the same feel as those.  All the newer dystopian novels I've seen or read have been geared to the YA group, and Blink is not YA.  If I want to go to what I think are similar books, they were all written before I was born - Anthem, Fahrenheit 451, 1984, Brave New World, etc.  I don't think anyone is actively marketing those anymore.  And they're so famous you could probably slap a brown paper bag on them and they'd sell.

Anyhoo, just sitting here thinking about things and wondering if I'm doing enough or doing the right things or what I should do now.  And second-guessing myself, of course.  Post release day stuff, when I'm not actively working on writing or editing and so the brain has time to spin in hamsterwheelesque circles. 


  1. So yeah. Tag lines that draw people in are tough! I've tweeted the book now and tagged you so you'll see it. Hopefully, people who follow the hashtags I included will check you out. And sorry, I didn't mean to throw you onto the hampsterwheel. I thought you might have something handy to use. S'okay. I "borrowed" from the book description. Get off the wheel and go grab a cup of coffee. That's what I'm going to do and then I've got to jump on the wheel and get words written.

    1. LOL, you didn't throw me onto the hamsterwheel. It's always running in the background and I fell onto it.

    2. Or rather, it got quiet enough for me to realize it was still spinning and I never do get off of it.