Wednesday, April 12, 2017

For What It's Worth

I was reading a news story this morning about the suspect in a triple homicide jumping off the 4th floor of the court building to his death.  They're thinking it might be suicide.  I'm thinking it's probably a cause for the victims' families to celebrate.  And a load off the taxpayers who would have to foot the bill for the trial and incarceration of this asshole*.

I was watching Homicide Hunter a while back.  The dude obviously did it, but at the end, he got off.  (One of the rare occasions when one of Joe's cases did end in a guilty verdict.) Don't remember how.  Probably something to do with liberal Colorado.  All I know was I was pissed off.  Until... as a footnote at the end of the show, they told how the suspect had moved to New York City after the trial and months later someone pushed him out a 10th story window to his death.  Woohoo. Splat.  And that made me happy.

I'm not bloodthirtsy, per se.  I just believe in justice. 

And another thing...  What is it with these assholes who are suicidal, so they kill their entire families before they kill themselves??  Seriously.  If you want to die, do so and decrease the asshole population.  Don't take out other people.  I even heard about one heinous asshole who shot his dog before he killed himself.  Dude, what did the dog do to deserve that shit?  Sick freaks.

Then we were watching Murder Calls the other day.  A serial killer in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area was murdering women and then calling in to the police.  He'd call and ask to be caught.  He'd say he wanted to die.  All in this whiny voice.  They called him The Weepy Voiced Killer.  (Lame, right?)  Anyway, he would always hang up without giving any indication where he was or how to find him.  Asshole.  They did eventually get the squirrelly little fucker, but not before he killed several women.  No clue why.  Something about them wearing red.  No clue.  He got 40 years - again, I assume because of liberal Minnesota or some such crap.  He died in prison in 1998, but if cancer hadn't gotten him, he would've been a free man in six years.  Think he would've been reformed?  Umm, right.  He would've been old, but old people aren't incapable of murder.

What do you think?

*Provided he actually did it, of course.  If not, there's a murderer still running around out there.


  1. Ah, the mind of a writer. If I had time, and was looking for a new series to write, I think I would create a group of vigilantes who go track down those who got off and ensured they had...accidents. Justice Served.

    I need more coffee. And less time to stir up Iffy.

    1. Heh. Umm, yeah, something akin to that is in my Ideas file. No stirring Iffy up. Gotcha.

      Right now, I need sleep. And I need to stir something up soon, but not tonight.