Friday, April 28, 2017

Crime in the News...

In today's crime news...

A Delaware state trooper was murdered earlier this week.  This morning, his killer came out of the hole where he was hiding, tried firing on the officers who had his hole surrounded, and ended up dead.  Glad he took that way out instead of sitting in jail for decades.

Arkansas executes its fourth criminal in a week.  Should've been eight, in my opinion.  Anyway, people seem to be waving their arms all over the place because he experienced convulsions before he died.  Boo fuckin' hoo.

In Michigan, a group of butchers calling themselves doctors have been arrested for mutilating little girls' private parts in the name of their religion.  May they rot in hell.

A little, 1-yr old girl who was reported missing was actually dead inside the 'home' in Illinois where she lived with her family and a bunch of other people.  I get the feeling they made it sound like she'd just wandered off, but she'd only just learned to walk.  She was stuffed inside a couch in the house.  (I put quotes around home up there because it was a shithole where a bunch of people were squatting.)

That's it for me for right now.  Searching crime is kind of depressing.

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  1. Kind of depressing? Majorly depressing! Those "doctors" in Michigan should have their privates mutilated in the same way. I go Old Testament on that shit!

    I goggling over the graduate student assistants at Yale going on their "symbolic hunger strike" to pressure the university into giving them better union rights. Of course, since it's only symbolic, they can eat when they get hungry. Freaking special snowflakes. And don't even get me started on Berkley. GAH! *symbolically rips out hair*

    We lost two local officers in the past several weeks. Both shooters are alive and in custody. Goes to show how honorable the cops are.

    Go fishing. Today will be nice before the cold, wet stuff comes in over the weekend. If I didn't have a Monday deadline and enjoyed fishing, that's what I would do.