Monday, March 6, 2017

Editing Insanity

Okay, so I said I would juggle Natural Causes and Wish Hits the Fan.  Umm, yeah, that didn't happen.  Not yet anyway.  But I have been busting my hump editing Natural Causes.  187 pages of line editing done in 4 days.  I should have that done today and jump into the big fixes my editor suggested.  That should take another couple of days.  Which means I could have this back to her like Thursday.  Instead of Sunday. 

Yeah, I knew I could do it if I applied myself.  It's the applying myself thing that hangs me up sometimes. 

Of course, it also means that I haven't done any reading.  And virtually no marketing.  :shrug:  Things get set aside when I'm in deadline mode.

Another side-effect of editing full steam is that I sometimes am not quite right in the head.  Lucky for me, Hubs knows this.  He walked into the office last night, and I started making incoherent noises at him.  He said, "Editing insanity?"  Yup.  He knows.  The next time he came in, I started with the noises again and then we did this whole schtick together.  Nice respite from the editing slog.

Anyway, don't expect deep insights from me this week.  Unless I have a flash of brilliance that makes it past the editing insanity. 

Don't count on it.

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  1. I'm right there with you on mine knows better than to even stick his head in my office. He sneaks past the door, head down, and falls asleep on the couch until I surface long enough to throw food together for dinner. You'll git 'er done!