Friday, March 3, 2017


Well, my edits came back - on time, as it turns out.  For some reason I had it in my head that when my editor said a month, she meant 30 days.  What she actually meant, and perhaps even said, was that she'd have them back to me on the 1st.  Okay, cool.  Then she reminded me that she is going to be unavailable in May.

Umm, yeah, she told me about that weeks ago.  But I forgot.  So, the schedule I outlined in my last Outside the Box post?  Yeah, Wish Hits the Fan cannot go to the editor in May if she ain't gonna be able to work on it in May.  She, being the awesomeness that she is, offered me a different option.  If I get WHTF* to her by mid-April, she can have the first pass of edits done before she gets unavailable. 

I was all like 'Yay'.

And then I panicked a little.  I was all like "OMG OMG OMG, I have to work on both of these AT THE SAME TIME!!"  And so I sent WHTF to my Kindle and got my notebook and set everything by my chair in the living room.  Meanwhile, I opened NC and started entering the changes.  I was ready to DO THIS.  Except I was panicking, so neither one was getting done.

So, I went fishing.  And I chilled the farque out. 

After I came home and ate dinner, I sat my butt down here and worked on NC.  I'm 10% done with the edits after an hour and a half.  So, that means basically 15 hours of work to have the whole thing done - 20 if I run into some heavy duty stuff.  20 hours of work over 10 days (cause I want to have this back to her on the 12th) and day one is already over.  No sweat.  2 hours a day.  If I get off my lazy ass, 2 hours a day is nothing.

Which leaves me so many other hours to work on WHTF.  So, yeah, I got this.  I might have to :gasp: curtail my fishing time and maybe :shock: watch less TV, but it's all good, baby.

I'm such a sillypants sometimes. 

* Am I the only one who sees WHTF and thinks WHat The F***?  Which actually kind of works for the story and thus amuses me greatly.


  1. I did wonder what the H stood for, then realized you were talking ABOUT your book. Hahaha!

    I find I work better when someone is waiting on me. Hopefully that works for you, too. Good luck!

  2. Makes me laugh too but I keep wanting to put "hell" in there. ;)

    And you got this, you sillypants you!

    I missed my deadline yesterday. Life got in the way. And a late start today I'm getting off the net now and going to work. I've had 3 cups of coffee. I'm ready!

    *cracks the whips* Now get to work!

    1. LOL, hell would work. And thanks, I know I got this deep down. It's just now and then I panic.

      Bummer about your deadline. Life has a bad habit of getting in the way. I hope you got your work done and the coffee was inspirational. ;o)

      Put the whip down. I got to work. 122 pages done as of this morning. Go me.

  3. ROFL! I read WHTF and see that every time. I've been feeling guilty about it, but I won't anymore.

    Yay for edits and the Awesome Editor! And for all your energy -- you can do it! :-D

    1. LOL, don't feel guilty. Deb. It's a hoot.

      Thanks! Like I told Silver, I got this and I'm over halfway through, so it's all good.