Friday, March 10, 2017

Natural Causes - Cover Art and Blurb Draft

Good morning, All!

I'm kinda brain fried after all that editing, so I thought I'd just share the cover art this morning, along with the initial blurb I've come up with.

As the new police chief in the mountain town of Last Ditch, Colorado, the worse case Dennis Haggarty has investigated dealt with vandalized decorations.  Life is slow and laid back, exactly what he and his new bride, Jillian, need after the debacle in Serenity.  But when a hiker stumbles onto a gruesome sight in a mountain ravine, the calm life he wished for becomes more about uncovering the truth, discovering identities, and tracking a killer. Before they find themselves staring down the barrel of a gun.  Again.  

Okay, it's not the best blurb I've ever written (fine, it sucks), but it'll give you an idea of what the book's about in advance of the release.

The release date?  I'm looking at April 14th.  Earlier if I can manage it, but no later than that.


  1. Really like the cover and the blurb ain't bad coming from a brain-fried author! *laughs* ... *ducks and runs* Ok, seriously? It's pretty damn good. A few tweaks and you'll nail it, as you always do! No go fishing before the cold weather comes back tomorrow!

  2. Cool cover! I suggest you give the title and your name higher contrast, though. You want to be easy to read in a thumbnail.

    And the blurb is pretty good. I'm sure you'll tweak it up to great!