Monday, October 24, 2016

Where the Magic Occurs

So, I was sitting around Saturday morning looking at stuff and junk, when I realized that I didn't like my Twitter header anymore.  Which led to the bright idea to take a picture of my actual workspace.  Which led to this post. 

This is where I work - exactly as it is.  No retouching.  No cleaning.  Just my spot.  As is.  Kinda like me.  ;o)

So, there I am - laid out in workspace style.  You see my coffee mug.  You see my pack of smokes and my ashtray.  You see the myriad of writing utensils - one cup for pens and pencils, one for markers, and the last for highlighters.  Two calendars - the plain one on the wall for keeping track of things and my bird of the day calendar in the corner. (Today's bird is the White Tern.) There's also a photo of my mom and dad.  The remote goes to my little stereo, but I rarely listen to that. If you look closely, you'll find my headphones hanging from the drawer knob. Better to listen to tunes without disturbing the Hubs. The two books under my monitor are old Funk & Wagnalls dictionaries (A-L and M-Z).  The corner of the frame you can see in the upper right is a copy of The Declaration of Independence. 

For the record, those drapes are never opened.  And the window behind them leads to another room.  (I didn't design this place, so no clue why there's a window looking out on the sun room, but no windows looking outside.) 

Looking at this closely, you can also tell I need to dust.  Yikes, my keyboard.  Don't let the dust fool you.  If you could zoom in, you'd see there's no dust on the keys I actually use.  In fact, there are hardly any letters left on the keys I use most frequently.  Again.  I can't keep keyboard letters intact for more than a few months.

So, anyway, there I am.  Pretty much everything you need to know about me can be found in that picture.  (Okay, so you can't tell what's on the monitor.  It's a manuscript.  Naturally.)  All it needs is food and a little sculpture of a fish.

If you designed a workspace* that told your story, what would be on your desk?

*I didn't design it that way.  It just ended up being that way.


  1. As you know I'm not a writer, but my workspace at work is my command centre. I have a small table at one end, facing out into the big office on which my computer sits. This is the main position I take all day because my work revolves around my computer. To the left is a stand for papers so I don't strain my eyes peering at stuff, to the right is the phone, also something I spend a lot of the day on. Swiveling to the right is the main desk which is usually covered in paper. Calendar in front, pot for pens to the left, serenity prayer next to that and a photo of my kids. Also decorating my desk is an Andorian bobblehead, a miniture R2D2 & C3PO, a tiny Romulan war bird, an amethyst crystal and a mini blue delf clog I got in Amsterdam. It's not perfect & tidy, but it suits me just fine.

  2. Oh lordy. My desk is just like my mind which far too closely resembles a hundred tabs open on a browser. I'm not neat. I'm not organized. But I manage to stumble through.