Monday, October 31, 2016

Going International

Last week, Elizabeth Spann Craig had an awesome post on Considering Our International Audience.  (Naturally.  She has many many awesome posts.  If you're a writer and not following her, you probably should.  She also writes some wonderful mysteries, so if you're a reader, you should check that out, too.) 

Anyway, her international post got me thinking about my international audience.  I know there aren't that many of you.  :waves:  But I do appreciate that you're out there.  Over the weekend, I got to watch as someone in the UK read pages in Kindle Unlimited.  They seemed to be slowly reading Wish in One Hand, and then they gobbled down In Deep Wish and Up Wish Creek.  (I assume it was one person.  Thanks! whoever you are.) 

Occasionally, I'll see sales in Australia and Canada.  Once I got some sales in Italy and in India. 

For the most part, though, I still haven't broken into the international scene.  I expect that's mostly because all of my books are in English.  I can't afford to have them translated.  I keep hoping that English-speaking folks in other countries will be looking for reading material in their native tongue and find me on those Amazon sites.  I know there are also military personnel and their families who are abroad in foreign lands who might want to read something from home.  I also hope that people out there who speak other languages but who also know English or are learning it might take an interest in books, too.

Not sure how to reach those people, though. 

Anyway, all of my books are available worldwide through whatever Amazon site you call your own.  I hope if you're out there in the world somewhere, you'll give my books a chance. 

If you're an international reader, give a shout out to your country.  If you're a writer here in the States, what do you do to try and bring your books to an international audience?


  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out and the kind words!

    I'm with you on translation--from what I've heard from Jane Friedman, it's just too cost-prohibitive to take on.

    I think playing around with pricing and running sales works well with visibility there, as well as having print options overseas (not in physical bookstores, but available to order with cheap shipping...i.e. IngramSpark, which is currently the only game in town for international printing).

    Hope you have a Happy Halloween and thanks again!

  2. I don't do anything for international sales. Heck, I barely do anything, period. I have noticed that most of my international sales come from Germany, though. At least for Blind Temptation (I don't see sales from my Kensington titles). Could it be because my character swears in German? Or that her late husband WAS German? Guess I'll never know (unless a reader tells me!). :)

  3. Waving back at you from the UK!