Friday, February 19, 2016

I'm Such a Tease

Hey all.  I've got a newsletter coming up in the wee hours of tomorrow morning and it's got all sorts of interesting stuff in it.  I really want all y'all to see it, but I don't want to ruin the surprise for the subscribers, so...

Here's a teaser taste of the cover reveal. 

And I snippet of the first chapter.

Zeke’s place looked like a war zone.
The once-lovely mansion of wood and stone complimented with steel and glass now could’ve been a piece of abstract art. Entire portions had been wished out of existence. I expected the remainder to topple over at any minute. Bits of the debris still smoldered, sending tendrils of gray into the morning light.
Is that gas I smell?
I hadn’t seen or heard from my former lover since the night we saved my corner of genie-dom and turned my home into a melted mess in the process. Zeke should’ve at least texted me to come retrieve the bitch who used to be my best friend. Frankly, I’d been relieved to not have to deal with that particular problem. Especially since I’d been the one to turn her into a dog in the first place. That was at first. Then concern took over and sent me looking for the man and the pooch.
Only to pull into the driveway of Casa Salvador Dali. All the place needed was a few oozing clocks scattered around.
All of the damage might explain Zeke’s lengthy silence. Or so I thought until I realized the mayhem couldn’t have been more than a couple hours old.
“Jo, love?” The right proper Basil Hadresham, my friend and business partner, queried through the cell phone pressed against my ear. “Are you still on the line?”
We’d been discussing work when I pulled up to the jigsaw mansion. After that, cogent thought had left him behind. “What? Yeah, I’m still here. The problem is, Zeke’s not.” I think. I hoped he wasn’t inside somewhere stiff as a door and deader than the knob.

You'll get the rest of the cover and all of chapter one if you sign up for the newsletter today.  Otherwise, you'll have to wait.  And I know how you hate waiting. ;o)

In Deep Wish is due out March 15th and should be available for pre-order on March 4th.


  1. I <3 this story so much! Well...the whole series, actually. And we're sharing a release day. Oops! MOONSTRUCK: LIES comes out the 15th, too. Can't wait for the newsletter to see the whole cover but I'm even more excited to get my hands on the finished product!!!!

  2. I want this book!!! And I love the cover snippet - great colors.