Monday, February 1, 2016

Doing the Business Stuff

Well, it's February first and that means tax time is right around the corner which has me thinking about the business side of this endeavor.  And believe me, I try very hard not to think about that side - as evidence by the number of things my inbox holds that are waiting for me to attend to them.  (I leave it in the inbox until it's tended to, so I don't forget.  Which makes me aware of my laziness on a daily basis. Umm...)

Now I know why some authors hire assistants.  ;o)

I have to look at my PayPal statement to make sure that balances. I have to check FB invoices and make sure they match the amounts withdrawn from my bank account.  I have to verify my Draft2Digital statement to see if it matches what I have in my spreadsheet.  Amazon's payments should've hit my account this weekend, so I have to check that and verify whether everything jibes.  Then I have to start my taxes...


Crammed into a padded envelope tucked into the shelf beside me are all the receipts I collected for 2015.  Those have to be sorted through and entered into a spreadsheet so I know what goes into which box on the tax forms.

It's not really a big deal.  It's just that if I didn't kvetch about it, I wouldn't have anything to talk about.  And what would be the fun in that?  ;o)

Writing itself is an entirely creative endeavor.  But this isn't pure writing.  This is a business.  As such, I have business stuff to do to make sure this machine continues to run.  So I can continue to write and be creative. 

None of it should take too awfully long - except the taxes.  And I'll feel better after I get it done. 


Maybe the next day. 

Right now, I need more coffee, then I'll call my mom.  Then I'll exercise.  Then... 

What kinds of things are you putting off today?


  1. Since it's now 10 am and I'm just now getting to my blog roll, pretty much everything! I have a short story to edit after beta readers, a newsletter to design, a book to finish writing and editing. Stormageddon comes tonight for dinner. I need to get contest and prize books packaged, labeled, and delivered to the post office. I should hit the grocery store but I think the supply of toilet paper will last until tomorrow. I have enough soy milk for my coffee. I have dinner for Stormy. Not sure about dinner for Lawyer Guy and me.

    Wait...what was the question? ;)

  2. I won't even ATTEMPT to do my taxes until I get all the forms in the mail, and those aren't required to be delivered until 2/15 (I believe). So I'll think about it in March. I don't consider putting that off so much as not having to do it over again. It's bad enough to do it once!