Monday, November 23, 2015

The Balance Between Intriguing and Annoying

I have a book release tomorrow.  I want to shout it from the rooftops, tweet about it every ten seconds, leave comments on other people's blogs with buy links, tell everyone I pass on the street...

Umm, yah. 

So, I'm sitting here this morning wondering where the fine line is between intriguing someone enough to get them to buy your book and annoying them so much they wouldn't read your book if it was free.

If I send a tweet out first thing in the morning, am I missing the opportunity to market to people who are only on Twitter at night or in the afternoon?  If I tweet all three of those times, am I annoying the person who saw it the first time? 

If I post about it on Facebook once a day, is that too much?  Too little? 

If I mention it on my own blog every time I post, am I driving people away?  If I don't, do you forget? Or does it seem like I don't care enough about my own book to pimp it?

If I mention it in the comments of someone else's blog, am I breaking some rule of internet etiquette?  Or is that just smart marketing?  (Without the buy link.  I would never be so forward.)

I know the regular people who stop here don't seem to mind, but you're my supporters.  (And supportive you are.  :hugs:)   Let's say it's not me.  Let's say it's someone you've never heard of.  When does marketing cross the fine line between intriguing you and annoying you? 

*Yeah, I worry too much.  What else am I supposed to do after I get into bed at night? Sleep??


  1. Sleep? What is this strange activity of whence you speak?

    I wish I had a magic wand to wave or some words of sage advice. I haven't made a sale in 9 days. And I have a new book that's only been out 3 weeks. I getting ready to drop prices on the first 2 books in the series to see if that will nudge some activity. And I HATE-HATE-HATE marketing. I've tried memes. I've tried quotes. I've tried blatant "buy my book and I'll be your BFF." I've tried "I'm a poor author please have pity and buy my book. Or read it free if you are KU/Prime." I haven't figured out what words, if any of that does.

    Plus RL and deadlines crowd in leaving me time for little thought or action.

    Okay. Whining over. I need to find that sign--the slash/circle over the word "whining." It's around the house somewhere. Anyway, I think you just have to do what feels right to you. I would tweet the three times because people are on there at different times. And FB? That sucker is such a mystery to me when it comes to marketing, especially since I won't buy an ad or pay to boost a post. Grrrr.

    Anyway, I have errands to run this morning, then it's back to the writing cave. I have to do 2500 words a day minimum to hit the DL. Whoppee. Happy Monday and pass the coffee!

  2. B E, I'm no help to you on this one as I'm not on Facebook and Twitter. I enjoy reading about the books on here and your strife on your blogs though. Does that count?