Wednesday, November 11, 2015

BloodFlow - the Blurb

Ir's coming down to the wire.  I'm reading through BloodFlow to make sure it's the best book it can be before I upload it for pre-order.  And everything else is falling to the wayside - pretty much.  I'm making food and doing dishes on a regular schedule.  And that's about it.

I haven't read a book that wasn't mine lately.  I haven't dusted or vacuumed.  There's clutter here and there.  Thank goodness I have an understanding Husband.  One who cleans the litterbox and does the laundry, so those two necessities are taken care of while I'm deep in the editing cave.

But enough about me.  Let's talk about BloodFlow...

Here's the Blurby McBlurberson (aka back cover copy):

Prove you’re an American! Join your elected officials and get implanted today!
The highest levels of the government believe Project Hermes is the best way to control America’s immigration problem. A simple microchip carrying a citizen’s information will allow officials to sort out who belongs—and who doesn’t.  Harmless.
Unless the chip carries more than just information.
Agent Miranda Kruz of the Terrorism Task Force has reason to believe something is very wrong with Project Hermes.  People are dying and the clues all point to a microchip implant. But Randi’s superiors don’t want anything or anyone interfering with their pet project. They’re threatening her job, her loved ones, and her life to keep her from revealing their secret. With the help of medical examiner, Vic Hammond, and electronics engineer, Jack Davis, Randi has to uncover the truth and make it public before anyone else is targeted for death.
Locating the madmen behind these executions will be hard enough—stopping them might just be impossible.

It's been a long haul with this book.  And this was the one that was a scary behemoth called Nanotechnology when I finished the first draft.  I snipped a lot of scenes that didn't contribute to the plot or didn't move the action forward.  Now it's weighing in at about 108K.  And it's BloodFlow

I hope I did the story justice. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have work to do so you all will have something to read soon. =o)

(And there's a contest for a $10 Amazon gift card on Monday's post.  Go forth, do some sharing, and enter.)


  1. This is such a timely book and I know it's gonna be awesome! I'll get it pre-ordered/ordered as soon as it's up. :)

  2. I'm really looking forward to it now. I've just tried to pre-order on Amazon but it's not listed on the UK site. I can wait because I know it's going to be awesome.

    1. Oh no. I'm sorry, Fran. I haven't actually uploaded it yet. I hope to have it uploaded for pre-order on Friday and I'll be sure to announce it when it's live.

  3. Woot! Exciting! Sounds great. You're going to have a whole army of books out there :)

  4. It sounds great, and it still scares me! Definitely an edge-of-the-seat read.

    I hope it scares a LOT of people into reading it! :-D