Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cover Reveal - Wish in One Hand (v 2)

Hey All.

My brain is pudding, so I'm not sure if I mentioned that I was having a new cover done for Wish in One Hand.  (Probably did, but pudding.)

Oh, my old cover was okay.  The artist gave me pretty-much what I asked for (kinda, sorta).  But what I had in mind didn't translate well and apparently, it wasn't blowing anyone's skirt up.  Too old-fashioned, perhaps?  Not in keeping with current-day readers expectations of what a paranormal cover should look like?  Probably.  I'm still hooked on the old fantasy covers of my youth.

Anyway, like I said, no one was getting their skirts blown up and sales are way off expectations, so I figured finding someone snazzy to do my covers couldn't hurt. Plus, I needed someone to do the rest of the series covers so they'd have some continuity. (And for price, she undercut the hell out of the other guy anyway.)  So, without further gum-flapping on my part, here's the new and improved cover of Wish in One Hand...

Sparkly!  Let's give a round of applause to my new cover artist extraordinaire: Jessica Allain.  She rocks.

The new and improved print cover is still in the works, but this one has been uploaded to Amazon.  Give it 12-24 hours and it'll show there, too.

Oh, and since I have a new cover, I changed the blurb.  

‘Be careful what you wish for’

In hindsight, Jo Mayweather should’ve taken those words seriously back in 1926. Of course, spoiled brat, flapper-girl that she was, Jo probably would’ve made the not-so-clever wish that turned her into a genie anyway.
Being endowed with phenomenal power may have its perks but, for the most part, life’s been a pain in her tiny hiney. After running into a ‘slash first, ask questions never’ genie, her problems only worsen. Some demented thing is making wishes that can’t be granted and djinn are dying. Now, instead of freeing her brethren from their bonds, Jo has a killer to neutralize.

If she’d kept her mouth shut ninety years ago, she wouldn’t be in this mess. But she’s got a job to do despite some reject from a bad B-movie trying to ruin everything she’s worked so hard for. Too bad this time doing her job might get her killed.

Or worse—enslaved again.

Here's hoping this sparkly new stuff attracts some readers. 


  1. Love the new cover. Let's hope it boosts sales! As soon as it's live, I'll tout the book on FB and Twitter!

  2. Wow, I love the new cover. It is more indicative of the story than the old one - sorry. It really helps that Jo looks exactly like I thought she did in my head. I confess to being a visual reader - an interesting cover can get me to pick the book up more than anything.

    I'm a library volunteer and have to chose books for an elderly lady and more & more I find it's the pic on the cover that gets me looking at the back & reading the blurb to see if she'll like it.

    This one is definitely a winner and you're right, Jessica rocks! She is very talented.

  3. Love, love, love the new cover! The new blurb has great attitude, too!

    I hope they make sales pick up. :-)