Monday, November 30, 2015

Rambling About Marketing, Paying Back, and Meeting Expectations

I read a couple really interesting posts over at Mad Genius Club over the weekend - Bestsellers, and writing to market and Writer, Market, Reader.  They both go back to the marketing things I've been talking about off and on.  (Seriously, if you're not subscribed to this blog, you're missing stuff.)

Most of the people who stop here are writers.  (:waves at the readers: Hope I'm not boring you, dears.  I'll try to have something more reader-focused on Wednesday.)  And it's hard being a writer - especially an independent one - and I'm trying to help out my fellow inmates as much as I can.

Pay it forward, so to speak.  (Except I hate that movie so much, just using the phrase makes my skin crawl.)

Over the past 9 years, so many other authors have helped me in so many ways, I kinda want to give back and encourage others to do the same. 

Anyway, sales have been slow from what I've heard and seen.  Everyone hates marketing.  And I'm wondering who I have to kill to get an ad for Wish in One Hand at ENT.  (4 requests, 4 rejections - ugh)  It really got me down over the weekend.  Down to the point of being unable to work on In Deep Wish because all I could think of is 'why am I busting my ass when the first book in the series is tanking?' 

Eh, I got over it.  I think.  I have to do this because I have promised people it would be coming out in March.  Local people who could hunt me down and snip off things of tertiary importance to writing until I produced the book they want. And out there in the world people who could merely be disappointed and then not care when the book finally does come out. 

I'd rather not disappoint any of them.

So, I'll be editing like a madwoman.  And marketing - because as much as I'd like to follow through with my oft-uttered 'screw this shit', I cannot, in fact, screw that shit. 

First, though, errands!  I need smokes.  No smokey, no worky. 

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